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Enterprise Adventure

The App for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Change-makers

Millions of young people leave school without the skills for a fulfilling life in this uncertain world. To meet the demands of this century people must think critically, design innovative solutions & take action. Enterprise Adventure uses the challenges of planning & running a small social enterprise to nurture young leaders. Adventurers experience a genuine & compelling entrepreneurial journey.

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Target group
Students upper
November 2023
Traditional school education is supplemented by individual, student-led learning outside of school enabling young people to build essential skills. They have the tools & guidance to explore the things that matter to them & work on them practically. Any young person in the world who wants to build skills & knowledge for a fulfilling life & enact change in their community can, through our App.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our proven School Enterprise Challenge uses the experience of planning & running a real business in school to guide students in developing essential skills for a fulfilling life. This innovation was created during Covid & school closures, enabling young people to develop soft & business skills whilst having fun. Despite lockdowns, they could work towards creating the change they want to see.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In Enterprise Adventure a young person registers on our App, entering a self-paced micro-learning journey planning & launching a social enterprise; joining a community of other Adventurers competing for prizes.
Addresses the problem: Adventurers record a meaningful 2-step increase in creativity, problem solving & aiming high, measured in a proven international framework for understanding skills growth. Entrepreneurial acumen demonstrated: over 400 businesses planned, 57 launched, av. US$32 income.
The online platform can be accessed on any device with internet access. Our propriety curriculum combines micro learning, gamification & community. Adventurers advance at their own pace through 22 missions. Each Mission sets specific learning & basic theory to explore through games, video, quizzes; followed by a real-world challenge e.g. talking with business owners; & reflection. Live online sessions, daily discussions on specific topics, masterclasses & community engagement enhance missions

How has it been spreading?

Over 2,000 young people have joined Enterprise Adventure (more than 60% girls) through own marketing among our and other global school networks, Ambassador teachers and Adventurers. In 2 years they have planned 400 social enterprises with strong community benefit, launching 57 enterprises & generating average profit of $17.
2-3 year Goals: Launch Enterprise Adventure as a Social Enterprise allowing young people 13-15 years, with ability to pay a small amount, to sponsor other disadvantaged young people to join. Establish a strong community with Adventurers who “buddy”, mentor & support each other, & act as Ambassadors for the programme.
Enterprise Adventure available in many languages; tailored materials for segmented age groups, more gamification increases power of learning journey.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The solution is available for all young people with a device that can access the internet. The first step is to register to take part in the Enterprise Adventure. Currently it is only available in English but could be adapted to different languages & contexts. The interested party would need to email

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

The combination of gamified micro-learning, real-world experiences, and opportunities to connect with other young people from around the world creates a unique and powerful learning environment. This environment has the potential to help young people

The platform has reached a large number of young people at a relatively low cost. It is designed to be easily scalable, which means that it can easily expand to reach even more young people in the future.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Register on the App
Go to
Click on the Register button, fill out the short form, and click Submit.
Journey through 22 missions
Enjoy engaging in all the activities & completing the 22 missions, to plan & launch your own real social enterprise.
Join the Masterclasses & live online discussions
Enrich your learning in fun and engaging sessions with industry experts, open to all.
Participate actively in the Community
Present your ideas to other Adventurers, seek advice & encourage others.
Follow on Facebook & Instagram to celebrate winners
Celebrate Adventurers' achievements on social media at the end of each season.
Become Ambassadors for the Enterprise Adventure
Spread the word, encourage friends to join, help other young people to understand the benefits.

Spread of the innovation

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