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Lumi Network

Building accredited Entrepreneurial & AI skills in the next-gen to thrive in an ever-changing world

Lumi is building the world's first AI-augmented platform where 10-25-yr-olds undertake gamified Quests to build entrepreneurship, design thinking & AI skills while collaboratively developing tech-enabled solutions to the world's biggest problems (based on UNSDGs). The Quests culminate in a unique Digital Skills Passport for each luminary, accredited by a Stanford University affiliated institution



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November 2023
Lumi's goal is to improve, not upend, education systems globally, in a fun & positive way. Our Quests give young people a voice & an agency to shape their future by allowing them to come up with new ideas to solve the most important problems of their generation while simultaneously building skills linked to the future of work. They foster entrepreneurship, collaboration & values to benefit all.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Education isn't evolving fast enough to prepare young people for the future; a world driven by disruptive forces such as AI & Climate Change etc. Lumi is building an AI-augmented & gamified platform that allows them to build future skills while solving big global issues collaboratively. Lumi came about when a 10 year old came up with an idea to use drones during Covid to help patients & doctors!

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Lumi runs Quests; a facilitated and fun design-thinking-led programme designed with & accredited by experts from Stanford University.
- Up to ten young people from any background, school or country come together and pick one global problem linked to UNSDGs (e.g. Climate Change) or a business topic chosen by a corporate sponsor (e.g. Cybersecurity)
- They undertake 15 live, socratic sessions facilitated by a trained university student, combined with structured asynchronous work on the Lumi platform to tackle the challenge across 4-phases (Identify, Ideate, Prototype, Test)
- They use latest tech and AI-driven tools to come up with tangible innovations
- The process also helps them develop a personalised Lumi Skills Passport, which showcases their proficiency in Entrepreneurship, Human-AI collaboration and Design Thinking, with a strong focus on ethics & values.

The Quest is designed to fit into any school curriculum and is delivered across 15 weeks in a term or in an 1-week hackathon.

How has it been spreading?

Lumi is B2B focused today and works with schools & companies who either sponsor the Quests in underserved schools or use them to train their apprentices or graduates.

We have worked with 15+ schools in UK, India, S.Korea, Singapore, Mexico & the UAE. They paid for the Quests themselves or offered it as an extra-curricular programme paid for by parents. Our focus today is on deeper collaboration with select schools to integrate Lumi into the curriculum for each child develops a personal Skills Passport.

We are also working with leading companies to develop early talent, business innovation through young people or to drive ESG impact. Our ultimate goal is to inspire a million 10 to 25-year-olds from around the world to become the changemakers, entrepreneurs, and innovators of tomorrow.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

All you need to do is assemble up to ten 10-25 year olds from any background, country or gender who choose a topic and then start the Quest online. Alternatively you can put us in touch with a school or company who wish to run/sponsor a Quest.

For either of the options above, just contact us on or write to

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

The platform nurtures in students global challenges awareness, incorporates cutting edge AI development thus providing kids with 21 century skills. It assists educators in creating game based learning activities

This innovation is extremely scalable, integrates easily with traditional schooling, and has the potential to provide young people with an equitable Skills Passport to assure a better future.

- Academy member
Academy review results
High Impact
Low Scalability
High Impact
High Scalability
Low Impact
Low Scalability
Low Impact
High Scalability
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Implementation steps

Partner to upskill, innovate, deliver impact
A school or a company discusses, evaluates and agrees to partner with Lumi to run or sponsor Quests for young people to develop their entrepreneurial, design thinking and AI skills.
Choose which young people to target
Lumi works with 10-25 year olds in various capacities, including middle school students, sixth form students, interns, apprentices and/or graduates from corporate businesses, as well as university students/potential hires - our facilitators are drawn from top universities whilst we can also engage this demographic in pre-employment initiatives which prime a warm future talent pipeline. We work in the UK, GCC region and internationally, focusing on underserved students including girls.
Choose the topic relevant to you and your target
You can choose from Lumi's pre-existing Quests on the topics of Climate Change, Health, Sustainable Cities or Inequality, or else work with us to co-develop a new topic either related to the curriculum or to your business (e.g., a Big 4 firm chose cybersecurity for their apprentices while a bank chose Green Homes to run Quests with 14 and 17 year olds).
Choose the format
You can either integrate Lumi into the school term and run it as part of your curriculum or extracurricular activities OR run a Hackathon during lean periods in the school (e.g., after the GCSE exams) or during school holidays. Companies can also choose to either run this as a training programme young people do alongside their normal work schedule OR to set aside an entire week for the Hackathon.
Launch the Quest and allow Lumi to do the hard work while your staff teams get involved as either a) subject matter experts, b) volunteers who provide support, feedback and guide young people at various stages of their Lumi journey, whether that's research, iteration or final prototyping, or c) as a panellist during the Final Presentation, where they can pose questions in order to draw the best out of the young people and their ideas during the culmination of their 15-week project.

Spread of the innovation

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