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3.12.2019 | Pukhraj Ranjan

In Partnership With Supercell, HundrED Announces Winners For Spotlight On Digital Wellbeing

HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing - promoting educational innovations that provide solutions from online bullying to detecting “fake news”. With our main partner Supercell, research partner The Diana Award and media partner ISTE, the HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing acknowledges and celebrates these global innovations for promoting digital wellbeing and for being highly innovative, impactful, and scalable.

After nine months of searching, we are thrilled to announce the 10 selected innovations helping young people adopt healthy habits when using digital devices so that they fully develop their mental, physical and social wellbeing. With our main partner Supercell, research partner The Diana Award and media partner ISTE, the HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing acknowledges and celebrates these global innovations for promoting digital wellbeing and for being highly innovative, impactful, and scalable.


Innovation Video Series

On this YouTube playlist, you can preview introductory videos on some of the selected innovations that briefly explain the work they are doing, expand on their educational goals, along with interviews from key stakeholders. You can further dive deeper into each of these practices by visiting their updated innovation pages on, where you can find each innovator’s contact information to get in touch with them for free!


Spotlight Report

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 15.23.58.png

On behalf of our partners at Supercell, we are also releasing a brief report on Digital Wellbeing that provides insight into digital wellbeing education globally, introduces teacher and students perspective on the topic, includes observations from HundrED and Supercell, and describes the 10 Spotlight Innovations in detail.


The selected 10 innovations for HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing


Checkology® Virtual Classroom from Washington DC, United States:

The News Literacy Project (NLP), a U.S.-based nonpartisan education nonprofit, empowers educators to teach students the skills they need to become smart, active consumers of news and other information and engaged, informed participants in civic life. The Checkology virtual classroom is an enhanced e-learning platform where students in middle school and high school learn the critical-thinking skills they need to assess the torrent of information that they encounter every day.


Cyber-Seniors : Connecting Generations from United States & Canada:

Cyber-Seniors trains students to become technology mentors for older adults and provides them with the opportunity to receive practical experience while earning service hours. Upon completion students are awarded a completion certificate and become eligible for awards and prizes. Through this experience students develop important job skills that enhance opportunities for future employment.


Digital Schoolhouse from United Kingdom:

Our ingenious computing workshops are aimed at local primary schools across the UK. Delivered by our expert network of Schoolhouses and lead teachers, you can experience our unique approach to play-based learning through innovative activities and free adaptable resources. Underpinned by evidence-based research and combined with groundbreaking careers education, the programme successfully bridges the gap between academia and industry, to ensure pupils are aptly equipped for the future digital economy.


Empowerment and Digital Wellness from United States:

The #ICANHELP curriculum is a proactive curriculum specifically designed by teachers to prevent negativity and spread positivity and digital citizenship in schools. The lessons in the curriculum will connect offline behavior with online behavior, encouraging deep thought, reflection, and positive change.


Inside Out - We All Belong from Auckland, New Zealand:

Inside Out - We All Belong is a set of freely available video-based teaching resources which aim to decrease homo-, bi-, and trans-phobic bullying by using a norm-challenging pedagogical approach to cultivate critical thinking, perspective-taking and empathy. A pedagogy guide and lesson resources are included to support teachers.


Love Letters for Computers from Finland:

Love Letters for Computers is a free resource including a series of videos, resources, classroom materials and a teacher journal that will help you plan how to integrate computer science into your curriculum for children in kindergarten and first years of primary school. It’s built around the philosophy of Hello Ruby: an unplugged, creative and playful approach to introducing computer science.


MEDIAGIRLS from United States:

The average girl spends 8-10 hours a day consuming media, bombarding her with the message that being sexy and thin matters most. This is unacceptable. MEDIAGIRLS is a program that teaches middle-school girls to critique how they're portrayed in mainstream media, re-envision new possibilities, and create empowering content.


NewsLitCamp® from United States:

The News Literacy Project’s NewsLitCamp offers educators a first-hand introduction to news literacy, along with tools and resources they can use in their classrooms and the opportunity to connect directly with journalists in their communities. In these day-long professional development sessions, teachers and librarians at middle schools and high schools visit a local news outlet for training with journalists from that newsroom and our staff.


PROJECT ROCKIT Online from Melbourne, Australia:

PROJECT ROCKIT Online is built BY young people FOR young people and encourages students to self-reflect on previous experiences while simultaneously equipping them with credible and risk-free ways to stand up to hate in the future. The program consists of three interactive online workshops that focus on the issues of bullying, online hate and social leadership.


The Economist Educational Foundation from United Kingdom:

We enable inspiring discussions about the news in schools by providing educational news content, teacher training and resources. We also bring together schools from different communities and countries for global conversations. 



The educators and changemakers behind these education innovations will be hosted (on-line and in-person) at the Supercell HQs on 9th December for a small celebration event.

Congratulations to the selected innovations and cheers to all who participated in the HundrED Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing!