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The Economist Educational Foundation

Facilitating high-quality, global discussions about the news

We support children from under-served backgrounds to develop essential skills for the modern world. We do this by enabling them to join inspiring discussions about the news which teach them to think critically, communicate effectively and understand the world. Children who take part in our activities can make five times more progress in creativity, problem-solving, listening and speaking skills.

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February 2024
The change we hope to see in education is for children to learn about the big issues shaping their lives and futures and be able to learn to listen openly, question information and arguments, conceive creative ideas and speak with confidence about real-world issues. We hope to see classrooms engaging with students from all around the world to learn about new perspectives and experiences.

About the innovation

Giving young people the skills to think for themselves about current affairs.

We enable inspiring discussions about the news in schools. We provide educational news content, teacher training and resources. We also bring together schools from different communities and countries for global conversations.

By taking part in these discussions, young people learn to think for themselves about the news. They become able to see fake news, one-sided debates and unsound arguments for what they are. They practice having their say about issues affecting their lives. The young people on our programme can make five times more progress in speaking, listening, problem-solving and creativity compared to a controlled group.

In uncertain times, the ability to think critically and communicate confidently about real-world issues is a hugely valuable asset. It not only gives young people a voice, it helps them to succeed in school, the workplace and beyond. . Misinformation has increased this year, from myths about the vaccine to conspiracy theories and fake news surrounding the war in Ukraine. It’s crucial that we equip young people with the skills and knowledge to make sense of the world.

We are reaching 4,000 teachers worldwide and creating weekly news-content for them to facilitate weekly discussions with their students about the big issues shaping the world. Recently, we have run a series of resources on the Russian invasion of Ukraine to help young people understand the war and join high-quality, fact-driven discussions about this huge global story.

Every week, hundreds of young people from all over the world join discussions on our online platform, the "Student Hub". They share perspectives on current news stories. These discussions are facilitated by our in-house teachers with the support from global topic experts who share their experiences and ideas on the topic with students.

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Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

With the increase of online exposure, the importance of news literacy has increased exponentially. The Economist Educational Foundation is equipping students with the power to decipher fact from fiction and increase their ability to be critical thinkers and engage in thought provoking discussions.

HundrED Academy Reviews

The ability to engage students in rigorous, evidence-based discussions of current events has the potential to be very powerful, particularly if it's done at a meaningful dosage.

Great innovation with a clear focus on economics as the central pathway for education and global leadership. Wonderful research to prove points.

- Academy member
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