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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Online Cyber-Bullying and Leadership Workshops for Year 7-9 Students.


location_on Melbourne, Australia
PROJECT ROCKIT Online is built BY young people FOR young people and encourages students to self-reflect on previous experiences while simultaneously equipping them with credible and risk-free ways to stand up to hate in the future. The program consists of three interactive online workshops that focus on the issues of bullying, online hate and social leadership.
Chloe Eckert, Online Learning Manager
PROJECT ROCKIT believe every young person deserves engaging and inspiring cyber-bullying resources, no matter where they are located.

Chloe Eckert, Online Learning Manager

about the innovation

How does PROJECT ROCKIT Online work?

“PROJECT ROCKIT believe every young person deserves engaging and inspiring cyber-bullying resources, no matter where they are located.” – Chloe Eckert, Online Learning Manager

PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia’s first and biggest youth-driven movement against bullying, hate and prejudice and, for the last 12 years, we’ve been running high impact, evidence-based workshops in schools that help young people stand up to (cyber)bullying instead of standing by. We’ve now worked with over 250,000 young people, sit on the Government’s eSafety committee and are the go-to-youth cyber safety partner of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.

Bullying (online and offline) remains a massive issue affecting young people in
Australian schools. Experiences of school bullying have been linked with increased risks of criminal behaviour, suicidal ideation, poorer physical health and early school leaving. Bullying robs young people of potential and opportunities at school. Now, as technology continues to leap ahead, schools are falling behind. With the rapid
growth of social media, online issues such as cyber safety and sexting are
traditionally hard for teachers to discuss with students. What’s really missing from the equation is a youth perspective, which brings credibility and a genuine understanding of what it means to be a young person in an ever-changing digital world. PROJECT ROCKIT Online fills this gap in education and comes with an extensive teacher resource guide packed full of follow up questions, a lesson plan to unpack the workshops with students, classroom activities and take home resources/tips for parents and students.

PROJECT ROCKIT believes that ALL young people should have access to impactful and inspiring anti-bullying resources no matter their location. The online program was externally evaluated by the University of New South Wales and provides educators with livetime data reporting. Before completing the program, only 49% of young people felt confident enough to challenge (cyber)bullying, but after the program, 96% of young people felt confident enough to stand up.

Innovation Overview
12 - 16
Age Group
27 706
2 345
HundrED Review

PROJECT ROCKIT is the first online cyber bulling course with interactive online workshops for young people in Australia.


Students complete the workshops with live capturing data to download at the end for the educator. This insight provides a snapshot into the social norms and any trends in thinking that they can then take back to their cohort to unpack.


At only $10 per student for 12 months this is a cost effective online program, resource and material being used across Australia.


Achievements & Awards

December 2019
Digital Wellbeing
May 2019
November 2018
HundrED 2019
October 2018
Victoria, Australia
November 2017
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