Supercell: Education is the foundation for well-functioning society


Supercell decided to take part in HundrED because education is something that is very close to our hearts - not just the leadership team’s, but also our employees’. We began this process by looking at all the interesting initiatives that we could potentially invest in. When you talk about education there are so many different ways to go about it, so many different organizations, teams and projects and each of them have a different angle.

In the process we came across HundrED. What particularly appealed to us was the potential for global reach, because Supercell is a very global company - our teams are global and our games are played all over the world. Everything we think about is addressed on a global scale. From the many projects we have come across, HundrED felt like it had huge potential to authentically transcend borders. At the same time it gives us a certain pride that it comes from the world’s leading country in education, Finland. Finland is the place we call home.

Supercell thinks long-term and so for us the timeline of HundrED is great. The first step of HundrED in collecting educational findings from all over the world is brilliant. This content will be translated into a database and shared with the world to be used by professionals everywhere. This in itself is already a great achievement, but in thinking long-term we wish to see it go even further.

A little over year ago, Supercell began thinking about giving back to the community. We surveyed the entire company to see what kind of causes we were passionate about. Education came first by far. People in our company have a common understanding that education is the foundation for our well-functioning society, and because most of us live in Finland we can see first-hand how this works. We could be investing more in other areas, but ultimately we feel that the most sustainable option is education in itself.



Drussila Hollanda-Grönberg 
Game Lead