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NewsLitCamp connects educators with local journalists for a unique professional development experience.


United States
The News Literacy Project’s NewsLitCamp offers educators a first-hand introduction to news literacy, along with tools and resources they can use in their classrooms and the opportunity to connect directly with journalists in their communities. In these day-long professional development sessions, teachers and librarians at middle schools and high schools visit a local news outlet for training with journalists from that newsroom and our staff.

What’s a NewsLitCamp?

“Honestly, this was the best PD I've ever attended. I wanted to get right to school and start doing these lessons with students. ”

Kyle Pucciarello, Northbrook Junior High School, Northbrook, Illinois

These workshops combine elements from traditional professional development programming with the more flexible, teacher-directed “edcamp” model. Educators tell us what topics they are interested in and what they would like to take back to their schools from the training. We then work with journalists from the host news organization to create sessions that fit their requests. The goal for each NewsLitCamp is to develop teachers’ and librarians’ news literacy education skills and introduce them to specialized resources for teaching news literacy.

We begin each NewsLitCamp with an explanation of the importance of news literacy for students — an opportunity for participants to learn the core skills and concepts of news literacy education. The educators then attend specialized hour-long breakout sessions, led by journalists and NLP staff, that are designed to demystify the newsgathering process and explain the standards of quality journalism. Topics may include specific coverage areas, such as education or crime, or more general issues, such as the role of social media in disseminating news.

After lunch, small groups of educators explore the ideas they are most interested in, such as building curriculum tools or creating lesson plans around news literacy. At the end of the day, everyone comes together for a “shareback” session where all participants — educators, journalists and NLP staff — talk about what they have learned.


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