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Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
A proactive, peer to peer curriculum designed to educate and empower students to use social media positively.

Empowerment and Digital Wellness

United States
The #ICANHELP curriculum is a proactive curriculum specifically designed by teachers to prevent negativity and spread positivity and digital citizenship in schools. The lessons in the curriculum will connect offline behavior with online behavior, encouraging deep thought, reflection, and positive change.

Peer to Peer Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Matthew Soeth, Co-Founder Executive Director #ICANHELP
“We experienced the rapid increase in social media use and the stress and anxiety that negative online behavior puts on school cultures. We wanted to empower teens with a common sense approach. ”

Matthew Soeth, Co-Founder Executive Director #ICANHELP

What we do?

#ICANHELP educates and empowers students to use social media positively and celebrate their achievements through #Digital4Good, our nationally live-streamed award event hosted at the headquarters of well-known social media companies, including Twitter and Facebook. 

Why we do it?

Nearly half of American children have been cyberbullied online. #ICANHELP's mission is to educate and empower students and adults to use social media positively. 

Rather than tell students what not to do, we show them what they can do. We started in 2013 working with students to help them manage online drama through training on how to report and respond to negative content and build positive social media campaigns. Since then, we launched #Digital4good, our annual event celebrating student work. #Digital4Good celebrates and rewards students for their efforts. The #ICANHELP curriculum is in that same spirit as it provides a structure and framework for young people to talk about about bigger social issues as well as have a system to implement change on their campus or in their community. 

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Innovation Overview
12 - 18
Age Group
430 000
Tips for implementation
The #ICANHELP curriculum is a peer to peer curriculum designed for middle school and high school students with an elementary component being developed. Teachers can train students to deliver these lessons in 10 to 15 minutes chunks hitting every student in the entire school.
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Bring #ICANHELP Training to Your School
Empower students at schools across the country by bringing them #ICANHELP training and presentations, which are designed for teachers, administrators, students, and members of the community, and school curriculum.
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