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HundrED Spotlights

HundrED Spotlights are in-depth collections of 10 innovations that focus on a location or theme in education. Spotlights explore each location or theme thoroughly to provide deep insight into educational innovation in their area to share with the world.

There will be a limited number of Spotlights per year. Innovations will be received by application. All innovations are then researched according to the HundrED innovation criteria & 10 will selected for deep study by HundrED & an advisory board. Every Spotlight will be packaged with original content, including a research report and inspirational videos, photographs and interviews.

With opportunities for independent organisers of HundrED to encourage and seek innovations for application, this is an invaluable opportunity to gain insight into global education innovations and trends. Being part of HundrED spotlights will allow your to make authentic connections with passionate innovators, schools, young people and partners, extend your knowledge of innovation and help education change for the better.

Organisers will always receive full credit for their work contributing to a HundrED Spotlight and will gain international publicity. Speaking opportunities may also be available globally.

We're delighted to announce that the first HundrED Spotlight will focus on Victoria, Australia. This spotlight is organised in cooperation with Education Changemakers and launched in September 2017.

If you are interested in organising a HundrED Spotlight please email Lasse Leponiemi at lasse@hundred.org

Spotlight Partnership Opportunity

HundrED Spotlights are organized by HundrED and a Spotlight Partner. Together we select the location or theme of focus and the partner will encourage applications from innovators for this spotlight. HundrED will conduct in-depth research into these innovations & 10 will be selected by an advisory board and HundrED. Spotlights will be packaged and shared on the HundrED platform.

HundrED Spotlights are non-profit but rely on funding from Spotlight Partners.

Spotlight Partners are able to choose a location or theme of interest, in partnership with HundrED, to help change the face of education today. Partners can promote the findings on their own platforms and through their own networks.

If you are interested in becoming a HundrED Spotlight Partner please email Keni Simola at keni@hundred.org