HundrED Spotlights


At HundrED, we're committed to finding inspiring ideas and practices in education and helping them to spread.

HundrED Spotlights create unique opportunities for both educational professionals and independent organizers to gain a thorough insight into the education innovations taking place in either a specific theme in education or within a certain geographic location. For each Spotlight, we receive and search for as many innovations as possible before ultimately selecting between 10-20 of the brightest education innovations.

HundrED Spotlights are organized with partner organizations that are interested in driving awareness or becoming a thought leader in a region or theme. Once a Spotlight has been confirmed, applications are open for anyone to submit their innovations for consideration. All innovations undergo our thorough research process and must adhere to our strict search criteria of high impact and scalability.

Each innovation selected in the Spotlight is packaged on our website in a way that clearly explains it and outlines how it can be implemented elsewhere. The results are also supplemented with a research report as well as inspirational photographs and videos. After the selected innovations are celebrated at a closing event, all of the innovators are added to our HundrED Connect platform. Connect gives innovators access to meet other members of the HundrED community and request help with their growth challenges such as connections to funders and implementors.

Finally, all selected Spotlight organizers and innovators are invited to the annual HundrED Summit in Helsinki to hear from some of our most inspiring innovators, partners, and funders.

In 2019 we completed several Spotlights from global Digital Wellbeing innovators in partnership with Supercell to the greater Pittsburgh area with The Grable Foundation and Remake Learning.

We also have several ongoing Spotlights for 2020:

1. Bilingual Education

Why?: In today’s multilingual and multicultural world, monolingualism is more or less becoming the exception. Bilingual education helps students to understand and experience other languages and cultures, and therefore plays a key role in advancing mutual tolerance. This Spotlight highlights creative solutions that enable schools all over the world to promote and foster bilingualism by encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and awareness.

Who can apply: Global K12 educators and innovators focusing on bilingual education, bilingual empowerment & biliteracy skills. 

Deadline: January 31, 2020

Partners: Svenska Kulturfonden

2. Qatar

Why?: Education always needs to be contextualized because every location has its own needs and demands that can be understood through both research and practice perspectives. HundrED is shining a spotlight on the educators and innovators who are doing extraordinary things to help students in Qatar. This Spotlight partners with Qatar Foundation and purpose is to discover 5 to 10 of the brightest innovations in the Qatar region. Together we aim to identify effective models for the Qatar region by looking for innovative learning innovations and their supporting and preventing factors.

Who can apply: K12 education innovators in Qatar that are doing impactful and scalable work

Deadline: February 29, 2020

Partners: Qatar Foundation

 3. Creativity

Why?: Whenever we are discussing helping schools change, there is one fundamental skill everyone mentions - creativity. Almost everyone seems to agree that we need to be a lot better in teaching this fundamental skill to future generations in all continents. This Spotlight will highlight some of the great education innovations focusing on cultivating this skill around the world.

Who can apply: Global K12 innovators cultivating creativity in children or training teachers on how to teach creativity

Deadline: March 15, 2020

Partners: The LEGO Foundation



Spotlight Partnership Opportunity

HundrED Spotlights are organized by HundrED and a Spotlight Partner. The scope of the Spotlight is decided together before the announcement is made. HundrED will conduct in-depth research into these innovations before 10 are selected by HundrED and the partner after review from an advisory board. The partner is expected to request applications from innovators, review the initial innovation research, contribute to the selection advisory board, and coordinate on event production. Results will be packaged and shared on the HundrED platform.

HundrED Spotlights are non-profit projects but rely on funding from Spotlight Partners.

Spotlight Partners are able to choose a location or theme of interest, in partnership with HundrED, to help drive change in education globally. Partners can promote the findings on their own platforms and through their own networks.

If you are interested in becoming a HundrED Spotlight Partner please email our Head of Growth, Danny Gilliland at danny@hundred.org