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HundrED Spotlights

What is a HundrED Spotlight?

HundrED are delighted to announce that the first HundrED Spotlight will focus on Victoria, Australia. This spotlight is being organised by Education Changemakers, and was published in September 2017.

HundrED Spotlights are in-depth collections of 10 innovations that focus on a specific geographical area (such as Helsinki, Finland or Abu Dhabi, UAE) OR a specific theme (such as ’empathy,’ ’STEAM,’ or ’mathematics’). Spotlights allow HundrED to truly explore each area or theme thoroughly and provide deep insight and findings.

There are a limited number of Spotlights per year. Each one features 10 innovations that are packaged with original content, including a thorough report and inspiring videos, photographs and interviews.

How are HundrED Spotlights organised?

HundrED Spotlights are created by HundrED and a Spotlight Partner. Together we select the area or theme of focus and supervise the research, which is carried out by an independent organiser. Once the 10 innovations have been selected (by HundrED, the Spotlight Partner and local / theme experts), they are packaged by the independent organiser and shared on HundrED.org.

How are HundrED Spotlights funded?

HundrED Spotlights are non-profit and rely on funding from Spotlight Partners.

Why fund a HundrED spotlight?

Spotlight Partners are able to choose the area or theme of the Spotlight, in partnership with HundrED, and are involved in the final selection process.

Partners are able to promote all findings on their own platforms and through their own networks.

Funding a HundrED Spotlight raises the profile of each featured area or theme, bringing it to the attention of the global education community. 

How can I fund a HundrED spotlight?

If you are interested in becoming a HundrED Spotlight Partner please email Keni Simola at keni@hundred.org

Why organise a HundrED Spotlight?

Raise your profile, further your CPD, extend your knowledge of innovation in education, meet passionate people and help schools change for the better.

Independent organisers of HundrED Spotlights carry out in-depth research into the selected area or theme. Through this they gain valuable insight into global education innovations and trends, as well as making authentic connections with innovators, schools, students and partners.

Organisers receive full credit for their work on HundrED Spotlight, which will receive international publicity. Speaking opportunities may also be available globally.

How can I organise a HundrED spotlight?

If you are interested in organising a HundrED Spotlight please email Lasse Leponiemi at lasse@hundred.org