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Spotlight 2019

Digital Wellbeing

The digital world is a rapidly growing part of our lives today, and young people are spending more and more time with digital devices. This technological impact has many positive effects; for example, an increased scope in learning new knowledge and connecting with others from all over the world. However, it is becoming increasingly necessary for young people to adopt healthy habits when using digital devices so that they fully develop their mental, physical and social wellbeing.
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Supercell, The Diana Award and ISTE

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What is the Spotlight on Digital Wellbeing?

Organized together with partners, HundrED Spotlights are curated collections of ten education innovations offering a thorough insight into a specific area of education (e.g. Sustainability) or a certain location (e.g. Pittsburgh). All submitted applications undergo a thorough research process and screening by an expert jury. The ten selected applications adhere to a strict selection criteria of being impactful, scalable and innovative. The deep insights gained through the Spotlight are shared with the world in the form of videos and a report. 

Why digital wellbeing?

The modern world needs to know how educators and organisations in education can support the integration and implementation of innovations that promote digital wellbeing. This research project aims to answer this need with practical examples on the following:

  • How can we integrate digital wellbeing as an essential part of holistic wellbeing?
  • What are the most effective innovations around the world that promote digital wellbeing and are highly innovative, impactful, and scalable?
  • How can these innovations help to increase the digital wellbeing of young people on a global scale?

Who are the partners?

Main partner Supercell, research partner The Diana Award and media partner ISTE

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Innovation search begins

JULY 31st
Innovation submission period ends

Innovation research and reviews 

Innovation selection and content production

Presentation of findings at HundrED summit

How does it work?

Who can apply?

Do you have an innovative approach that the world should know about? All innovators, educators and organizations working in the field of tech and education  are encouraged to share solutions or partner with the project.

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Who can apply?

Innovations that promote digital wellbeing are encouraged to submit their initiatives to the Spotlight. Submitted innovations then undergo a rigorous research process and evaluated HundrED’s three criteria on innovativeness, impact, and scalability. Additionally, they will also be required to have an educational element that promote an increased understanding of digital wellbeing.

The selected solutions will be released at the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki in November 2019 with an intention to kick start a movement to improve digital wellbeing on a global scale.

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How are projects selected?

The HundrED Spotlight will showcase leading innovations from around the world that both promote digital wellbeing and prevent known issues like online bullying, digital harassment and digital addictions.

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How are projects selected?

To determine how well submissions fit the three criteria, HundrED uses the following descriptive factors that have been shown in innovation literature and HundrED’s research to play a significant role in establishing innovativeness, impact, and scalability in educational innovations:

  • Clear, valuable goal that addresses a need
  • Structured implementation design
  • Purposeful collaboration
  • Pedagogically sound
  • Child/person centered
  • Contextual
  • Inclusive
  • Equitable
  • Improves outcomes
  • Evidence
  • Elevates educators Family/community/government engagement
  • Adaptable
  • Sustainable
  • Cost-effectiveness & affordability 

Based on these factors, alongside qualitative evidence from interviews with the HundrED research team, innovations are given an overall score based on their innovativeness, impact, and scalability. Innovations are scored twice, first based on their current state and then based on their potential.

Innovativeness: Valuable improvement within the context

Impact: Established for at least a year with demonstrable evidence

Scalability: Adaptable in new environments with a commitment to scale

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