HundrED Announces Spotlight on Financial Skills of the Youth


Together with OP Financial Group, HundrED is looking for the best innovations in financial skills from Finland and other parts of the world. The goal is to identify how young people learn financial skills now and how they could be best taught in the future. 

We are looking for practical, scalable and pedagogically sound innovations that can increase young people's understanding of financial skills.

“Developing financial skills of the youth is part of the Finnish National Core Curriculum. Our goal is to identify excellent innovations on teaching financial skills and make them available for all schools and teachers together with OP Financial Group,” states Saku Tuominen, the Creative Director of HundrED.

Financial skills of the youth has been a growing concern not only in Finland but around the world. Understanding how youth conceptualize financial skills and money has been discussed and researched.  The traditional usage of bills and coins have been decreasing whereas card and mobile payments have become more common. Simultaneously the amount of financial problems have been increasing.

“Developing the financial skills of the youth is an important part of our social responsibility at OP Financial Group and we have been doing it for a long time. At the same time digitalization has changed the way we use and manage daily banking and financial needs. We need to have more financial talks and innovations that support the youth to help them understand how to manage their finances in a holistic way and that also support teachers to teach these skills to them,” states Kati Ihamäki, Vice President Brand, Public affairs and Corporate responsibility at OP Financial Group.  

Let us know about an innovation by the end of August in

OP Financial Group will hand out three travelling gift cards (worth 130 €) within the participants. The best innovations will be published at the end of 2019.


Lasse Leponiemi
Executive Director at HundrED helping all HundrED Community members to spread inspiring education innovations around the world.