Spotlight 2020


Whenever we are discussing helping schools change, there is one fundamental skill everyone mentions - creativity. Almost everyone seems to agree that we need to be a lot better in teaching this fundamental skill to future generations in all continents. This Spotlight will highlight some of the great education innovations focusing on cultivating this skill around the world.
In partnership with LEGO Foundation

Creativity is crucial in solving problems, both small and large. In this Spotlight we are identifying innovations helping learners be more creative.



What is Spotlight on Creativity?

Creativity is crucial to solving problems, both small and large. Whether personal challenges or those that impacts billions, creative solutions are in high demand. Creativity is also a mindset: being able to adapt no matter what happens. We believe that every child has the ability to be creative, and that ability can be improved as they grow. The question is how.

HundrED and The LEGO Foundation have teamed up to answer that question. Together, over the next 12 months we will shine a Spotlight on education initiatives from around the globe that are fostering creativity. Submit your innovation on creativity below to be considered for the Spotlight.

Submission Call Deadline: Wednesday, 8th April 2020 1700 UTC

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Tagtiv8 values physical activity, creativity, problem-solving and play. People learn best when they are active and challenged, with time to genuinely reflect. Creativity, collaboration and sharing are fundamental providing evidence that Physically Active Learning leads to improved physical and emotional well-being.

About Creativity

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