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Bilingual Education

In today’s multilingual and multicultural world, monolingualism is more or less becoming the exception. Bilingual education helps students to understand and experience other languages and cultures, and therefore plays a key role in advancing mutual tolerance. This Spotlight highlights creative solutions that enable schools all over the world to promote and foster bilingualism by encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and awareness.
In partnership with Svenska Kulturfonden

How can bilingual education make children excited about languages?



Encouraging Bilingualism in Education

Today, over half of the world’s population is, to some degree, bilingual. Moreover, the many benefits of being bilingual are increasingly recognised as essential practical, social and emotional skills needed in the 21st century. In order to truly prepare students for our global world, it is important to call more attention to innovative pedagogical practises that inspire children from all types of language backgrounds to learn a second or a third language.

The purpose of this Spotlight is to discover some of the world’s brightest innovations that focus on bilingual education. The HundrED Spotlight on Bilingual Education partners with the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, who works for an enhanced understanding of the value of living in an official bilingual country (Finnish and Swedish).

The Spotlight on Bilingual Education and its selected innovators will be celebrated virtually during the Helsinki Education Week and the HundrED Innovation Summit in the first week of November 2020. The virtual Bilingual Spotlight Event will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd at Helsinki Education Week. Register now for this free event!



Spotlight on Bilingual Education

Through our research, we have discovered that bilingual education is about learning how to think and act in two (or more) languages and how to navigate between them. Bilingual education is an inclusive environment where more than one language is used to learn!

We have been mindful of searching for innovations that best support the learning of languages in positive and welcoming bilingual and multilingual environments – innovations that in one way or another can bring together and support all members of a school community.

With this Spotlight, we are proud to highlight innovative practices and approaches in bilingual education that excite, inspire, enable, create and support bilingual teaching and learning, language awareness and confidence, mother tongue education, bilingualism and multilingualism, cultural exchange, inclusion and diversity.

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Bilingual Education Innovations

The HundrED Spotlight on Bilingual Education highlights creative solutions that enable schools all over the world to promote and foster bilingualism by encouraging positive attitudes towards language learning and awareness.
Language Showering in Jyväskylä
Language showering is a method of foreign language teaching where preschool teachers, at times, use target languages during the children’s everyday activities. The primary aim of the method is to prov
Kiwa Digital
Kiwa Digital is a world-leading production house for experiential digital apps. We bring stories to digital life across languages and cultures, using our cutting edge technology to create immersive, i
The Linguacuisine project promotes and explores learning of digital literacy, languages, cuisines and cultures. The free Linguacuisine app helps you learn a language while you’re cooking a meal. With
Language Party
A language party is a fresh and intimate style of community-based gathering that celebrates the sea of languages spoken in our neighbourhoods, towns and cities. At any gathering, held anywhere in the
Language Friendly School
A Language Friendly School is an answer to the increasing multilingualism present in schools across the world; a result of people migrating to other places seeking employment, reuniting with loved on
Mother Tongue Education for Early Learners
We provide the training and develop the learning and teaching materials required, to teach learners in their mother tongue. We work to produce early reader books and other materials to support literac
Ribbon HUNDRED 2020
Global Minds Initiative
In schools across the United States and Canada, students from over 50 countries meet after school to combat intolerance and foster intercultural friendships. Designed, led, and run entirely by youth,
Norden i skolen (Norden in School)
Norden i skolen (Norden in School) is a free educational platform for the whole of Norden! The platform offers K12 educational material in all Nordic languages. Norden i skolen is a forum where Nordic
Multilingual Kamishibai Competition offers educators and children a creative and innovative project open to the diversity of languages: each group creates a multilingual story (using at least four lan
The Language Ambassadors
The Language Ambassadors visit schools and talk about their own unique and inspiring experiences with language learning. With the school visits, the students get a concrete understanding of the person
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