In partnership with Supercell, HundrED launches the search for Global Learning Solutions on Digital Wellbeing


Today, HundrED announces its Spotlight on digital wellbeing in partnership with the mobile game development company, Supercell. All innovators, educators and organizations working in the field of tech and education  are encouraged to share solutions or partner with the project.

Young people are spending more time with their digital devices, with 77% of 12 to 15 year old’s play games for around 12h a week (Ofcom, 2017). Saku Tuominen, the chairman and creative director of HundrED, rightly states that “it is becoming increasingly necessary for young people to adapt healthy habits when using digital devices so that they fully develop their mental, physical and social wellbeing.”

Between now and November 2019, the HundrED Spotlight is looking for innovations from around the world that both promote digital wellbeing and prevent known issues like online bullying, digital harassment and digital addictions (e.g. social media, gaming, content streaming etc.). Research will be conducted to understand what enables these solutions to become adopted by schools, NGOs and companies.

The selected solutions will be released at the HundrED Innovation Summit in Helsinki in November 2019 with an intention to kick start a movement to improve digital wellbeing on a global scale.

“Mobile games are a big part of people's digital diet these days. While we consider it a priority to keep our platform safe, we also agree that education needs to play a bigger role in learning about digital wellbeing. With this exciting project we will identify solutions to be implemented in schools.” states Jessica Hollmeier, the Anti-Fraud & User Safety Lead of Supercell.

Innovations that promote digital wellbeing are encouraged to submit their initiatives to Submitted innovations then undergo a rigorous research process and evaluated HundrED’s three criteria on innovativeness, impact, and scalability. Additionally, they will also be required to have an educational element that promote an increased understanding of digital wellbeing.

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Lasse Leponiemi
Executive Director at HundrED helping all HundrED Community members to spread inspiring education innovations around the world.