Robotics innovations

The use of robots and electronic components as the common thread to enhance the development of skills and competencies
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STEM Education for Sustainable Development Goals
Education for Sustainable Development; aims to develop knowledge, awareness and action. For this reason, students understand what the knowledge they have gained in the classroom through STEM education
Child development Activities
Academic activities are often not aimed at all-round development, and this is why every child needs to be involved in one Child development activities. Kids often also learn other important life skill
Learn Today - Colegio Alberto Blest Gana
Colegio Alberto Blest Gana is a publicly-funded K-12 school in Santiago, Chile. The school is located in a district/municipality called San Ramón with high-index of vulnerability, which means most of
School of Hidden Talent
We are trying to spread quality of education from rural to urban. We are inspiring students to get education for innovation based entrepreneur.
Cultura Maker en Centros Tutelares
Sabes que en México el 35% de los jóvenes que son liberados de un centro de readaptación social delinquen nuevamente. Para solucionar este problema he desarrollado la metodología Maker al interior del
STEMbotix educates youngsters to cutting-edge technology and gives them the skills they need to succeed in today's technologically-driven world. Two of our aims for pupils are self-worth and future su
Digital Village Pakistan (110 Innovate Institute of Technology)
Digital Village is project of 110 innovate institute of technology is concept of digital transformation of villages, which aims at exploring, facilitating and financing talented youth in their preferr
The Blue Breath
Blue Breath project is a comprehensive three-year project which aims to attract people's attention to the sea snot phenomenon (mucilage) the Marmara sea was facing with. This project includes both onl
Wezesha STEM Club
STEM Club offer learners the opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) topics through interactive activities, allowing them to experiment, ask questions & experience
Tarkus VP
We are serving for K to K12 students with project-based STEAM courses, which make them more easier to understand the coding logic and AI algorithm via our special flow-based programming interface. We
UpStudio Africa
UpStudio Africa is a design and innovation studio for children aimed at nurturing the next generation of creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders within and beyond Tanzania. UpStudio offers a
Academia de Habilidades para el Siglo XXI
En el marco de “Aprendé Programando” (Ministerio de Educación, Gobierno de Ciudad de Buenos Aires) desarrollamos dinámicas divertidas para entrenar las competencias esenciales que la Sociedad del Cono