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Engaging and holistic learning packages for Ukrainian refugees worldwide.

Ukrainian Emergency Education Package

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Tech-free, cost-free, low-resource requiring learning materials for 4 – 16-year-olds in Ukrainian and English. The Integration Modules foster intercultural understanding between refugees and host country communities. Academic Modules reinforce curricular concepts. Bed Time Stories help parents navigate difficult emotions through storytelling and Activity Books ensure productive engagement.
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Refugee Education should consider the whole ecosystem and all the stakeholders in the child's journey. This includes Host Country learners, with a focus on empathy, camaraderie, and awareness.

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Updated on August 21st, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, millions of Ukrainian refugee children are at the risk of losing access to important years of learning and development. EAA developed the Ukrainian Refugee Emergency Program, to address these learning needs, equip children with SEL tools, support parents with engaging modules, and facilitate meaningful and empathy-focused integration.

How does your innovation work in practice?

The resources are designed for multiple stakeholders in the Ukrainian child’s learning journey- educators, parents/guardians and host communities. 'Bedtime Stories' address themes around grief and loss through storytelling. The ‘Activity Book’ have fun activities, games, and SEL routines for productive engagement. The 'Integration Packages' are for Ukrainian and Host Country learners to do together. They cultivate an appreciation for diversity and culture through project-based learning. The 'Academic Packages' foster collaboration while reinforcing curricular concepts and 21st-century skills.
Local partners select modules based on the children's learning needs. EAA supports them with capacity building and implementation through training, funding, strategic planning and content development. Each module comes with MEL tools (assessments, surveys, focus group discussion templates) that can be adapted for programs. Partners capture insights and are supported with sustaining the solution.

How has it been spreading?

The packages have 1500+ downloads on EAA's website and are published on INEE, Teach For All, GDL, etc. The program is being implemented in 100 Polish schools, in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Poland and 5 Adaptation centers in Warsaw for 6000+ Ukrainian refugee and Polish children. The Support Packages are being disseminated to 1000+ Ukrainian mothers to keep their children engaged. These modules are also being converted to a TV Series, along with large-scale televised therapy modules, in partnership with Think Equal, Yale University, and the Children and War Foundation. The Series will be available for free on digital platforms and nationally broadcasted in Ukraine, Poland and other host countries, thereby reaching millions of Ukrainian children, adolescents, and adults.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

All the content can be downloaded at no cost on EAA's resource website: Guidance and Briefing Notes on how to use the resources are also available on the site.
To access the backend tools and implement a pilot program (with funding options available), please reach out to:


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