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Language Explorers
Language Explorers is an award-winning language awareness initiative for children of all ages. The programme encourages a multilingual approach to teaching and learning, and allows children to use the
ADPP Mozambique
The project’s main objectives are to improve the educational performance of primary school students, as well as improve their nutrition through daily school meals. The literacy component (which was in
2019年夏天,花蓮玉里秀姑巒溪旁即將啟動一間體制外的全阿美語幼兒園。我們的任務是創造一個全母語的學習環境,讓3到6歲的孩子可以用自己的母語學習自己的文化。 學校主要課程是從河出發。孩子將透過感官來學習:如何在河裡嬉戲游泳,並觀察河的四季會發生什麼變化、河裡有什麼生物,以及河邊的田地在不同季節會長出什麼野菜。 除了透過身體來學習,也會透過歌謠作為媒介,在音樂中學習族群的知識與智慧,並了解河、
Xander Educational Apps
Our founder believes mother-tongue learning is best for young children and has created a range of award-winning, educational, mobile apps to give parents peace of mind in the digital age. Children can
Ribbon FINLAND 100
The ViLLE eLearning path makes it possible to enhance and differentiate teaching. It introduces gamified, automatically assessed and motivating tasks into math, programming, and language teaching, whi
Qrius Long-story Curriculum
Language teaching is seen an uphill task and huge efforts go into making children pick up reading and writing in early years. We often miss out on the fact that the child effortlessly taught herself t
Mother Tongue Education for Early Learners
We provide the training and develop the learning and teaching materials required, to teach learners in their mother tongue. We work to produce early reader books and other materials to support literac
Kiwa Digital
Kiwa Digital is a world-leading production house for experiential digital apps. We bring stories to digital life across languages and cultures, using our cutting edge technology to create immersive, i
The goals of the Erasmus+ AVIOR project were to improve parental participation through the use of bilingual teaching materials, and to raise awareness and skills among teachers regarding multilinguali
Pilot project on distance education in the Sámi languages
The objective of the pilot project on distance education in the Sámi languages is to improve the access to education in the Sámi languages outside of the Sámi native region. Throughout the country, th
Language Friendly School
A Language Friendly School is an answer to the increasing multilingualism present in schools across the world; a result of people migrating to other places seeking employment, reuniting with loved on