Gender Equality innovations

Gender equality in education means the aspirations and needs of boys and girls are considered, valued, and favoured equally by giving them equal access to education opportunities.
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Ribbon SPOTLIGHT 2022
Grassroot Soccer: SKILLZ Core
SKILLZ Core is a mixed-gender, rights-based, gender transformative intervention for very young adolescents that considers the profound changes brought about by puberty. It offers positive youth role m
Yo Invento
The possibilities are infinite. What will you invent? An invention program for school students, Yo Invento provides the opportunities to develop 21st Century Skills as students follow the 7-step engin
PadHer educates and mentors young African schoolgirls from underserved communities in Africa on periods and puberty via the use of comic books so that they can effectively manage their periods and bui
Sisters of Code
The field of technology in Cambodia is male-dominated and female students feel unwelcome in this predominantly male field. Sisters of Code exists to empower and support female students through educati
WomenLead2030 is an international fellowship program (campaign) that aims to bring all the women rights activists & initiatives/organisations together on a forum to spark a big change and contribute t
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
OneSky for all children
OneSky partners with communities to provide quality responsive care and early education training so vulnerable children can thrive. For over two decades, OneSky has worked with governments to transfor
Global Creative Hub
Global Creative Hub is a social development initiative working towards building the next generation of female changemakers in Pakistan. We do this by changing the narrative and supporting girls to bre
Out of Syllabus
Out of Syllabus aims to provide a platform for open, respectful and inclusive discussions about various topics affecting growth and mental health. ’Out of Syllabus’ focuses on preventive intervention
Break.The.Ice is a Youth Organization working towards discussing all things taboo and creating an enlightened and aware youth community so that the country’s future leaders and even housemakers never
Caleb STEAM Hub
Caleb STEAM Hub offers the Best Practice in Education for Sustainable Development; it is a platform for the CBIS students to participate in, and contribute to, contemporary global issues at local, nat
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Kidogo improves access to quality, affordable Early Childhood Care & Education in East Africa’s low-income communities. We use an innovative social franchising approach to identify, train and support
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Join for Joy
Join for Joy educates primary school teachers in the most rural areas of East Africa to implement sports and play activities into the curriculum of local schools. By doing so, children are stimulated