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A versatile learning environment built into a school

The Gaming Room

Marker Helsinki, Finland
The Gaming Room is a space created and built in schools where learning takes place through games. The space functions as a new kind of learning environment both during and outside lessons.

What is it all about?

“A comprehensive design behind the teaching space takes into account all the elements of formal and informal learning that are missing from traditional classrooms.”

The transformation of schools' operational culture to meet the present day needs puts pressure on the development of learning environments as well. The impact of the surrounding environment on the wellbeing of students and teachers and on learning is evident.

Also, the understanding of learning taking place in informal environments has increased. The aim is to create new learning environments that enable versatile work and learning in different ways. Effective learning environments consist of a number of different areas that have functions and characteristics that students are familiar with.

The Gaming Room is a classroom-sized space built inside a school, where learning takes place both during and outside lessons. The space can be used in versatile ways for teaching, and serious games support learning outside the classroom.

The space consists of different areas, each of which has its own rules governing its activities. The areas provide opportunities for different activities: you can learn or play alone or in a group, with or without using equipment or different furniture. Flexible furniture solutions make it possible to adapt the space to meet different needs.

In the Gaming Room, particular attention has been paid to lighting, acoustics, indoor air and interior design. Soft surfaces and furniture have been chosen to reduce the noise level and to enhance vocal capacity, which, in particular, improves the working conditions for teamwork. Good and natural lighting implemented with LED lights contribute to wellbeing.

In the Gaming Room built for the English School of Helsinki, playing educational games has been included into the school's everyday life in a meaningful and interesting way. Students can also play games in their spare time. Games chosen for the space have been selected in collaboration with Serious Gaming Cluster, and a panel of students and teachers helped in their selection. The aim of the games is to support the learning of different subjects, from math to social science.

The Gaming Room was built for the English School of Helsinki in the spring of 2017, assisted by Isku Interior and DNA Telecommunications Group . Before the end of the school year in May, the school got to celebrate the opening of the space and in the fall of 2017, the use of the space was continued.

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Intended Outcomes
12 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Space for the Gaming Room, renovation costs, furniture, games - budget: 15 000–50 000 €
HundrED Criteria
With the help of the Gaming Room example, you can build a learning space that enables versatile work and is also suitable for informal learning.
The space encourages interactive learning in both in and outside of school.
The space can be created with the same resources as a full renovation of a classroom.

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Choosing the space
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Materials and Decorating
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Choosing Games
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