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Games and Hands-on Activities for Future Ready Maker Education in 21st Century

place India

Preparing Youth as per their Career Exploration building their Curiosity, 21st Century Skills to turn them into Maker, Inventor using STEAM

We address the quality practical education gap through developing Games, Hands on activities, Project based learning for Growth mindset and future-ready workforce. Our approach develops Exploration in young ones as Caterpillar (Tinker Tots), Curiosity in teens as Chrysalis (Makers), 21st Century Skills in youth as Butterfly (Inventors) to be Future Makers in 21st Century for Sustainable Living.



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Target group
Students upper
November 2023
Create, play, learn, and present to satisfy curiosity for incremental innovations to solve current problems together and just with All. It will bring Education Transformation through STEAM, skill development, Sustainable Schools, and Maker way.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

50% of Indian Students don't have 21st Century Skills required for Jobs by 2030. Critical thinking, curiosity, collaboration, communication, SDGs, sustainability, and hands-on learning are missing in education. We require makers and DIY approach for STEAM, as it is important for student’s employability and social development. But our curriculum misses this, thus our youth face several challenges.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Participants explore, tinker, and invent, using videos, board games, and card games for experiential, hands-on learning. After various sessions, students showed better understanding of topics. All activities are based on school curriculum that improve knowledge, engage, and encouraged students to raise thinking skills. They further develop youth's skills such as growth mindset, leadership, decision making, and be a change maker. They become drivers of change, social innovators, and solution provider.

Games are effective tools for students, youth, and everyone for building knowledge of complex concepts. Research shows how games and hands on learning are effective tools for integrating, understanding STEAM, learning sustainability and their importance in our life. Further, participants gain understanding to explore and design their career through real-life scenarios and project-based learning.

Research Short Paper:

How has it been spreading?

Games and Hands-on approach encourage exploring surroundings and build teamwork skill to understand basic Science of Sustainability with STEAM. We signed a MoU with Department of School Education, Government of Uttarakhand for implementing 21st Century Skills and Sustainable School program in 30 schools in 2019-20 to empower students and 32 schools in 2022-2025. Apart from these we are conducting online events, courses, and workshops.

UN HLPF Side Event 2022: | 2021: | 2023:
#TeachSDGs Blog:
App Inventor Foundation Article:
Apps @ Google Play Store:

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Schools, teachers, individuals can write to us for workshops, teachers training, student development opportunities. We will provide various games and hands-on kits for further distribution, and please contact us at

Apps @ Google Play Store:

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

Learning by doing develops students' communication, social, and teamwork skills. Students can understand abstract concepts when they learn the basics by actively engaging in discussions with their peers.

The project possesses the necessary simplicity for integration into educational settings, while its adaptable concept offers flexibility for implementation across various contexts.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Contact Us
Government education departments, Institutions, Schools, Principals, Teachers, Parents, Students can contact us for more details, workshop, and engagements.
Orientation: Know each other
Teachers' and Students' orientation program to implement in school.
Partnership with School
Join Us
Educators, College youth can join as Volunteer, Mentor, Intern, Member, Donor.
Explore collaboration opportunities.
Mode and Funding
Participants can join program online and offline.
Volunteers and Funding required for schools implementation.

Spread of the innovation

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