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Do you want to tell thousands of stories about teachers who have changed lives?

Thank your teacher

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Teachers often play a significant role in the lives of children and young people. So significant, in fact, that often the effects are reflected over several years, even up to adulthood.
It's really important that there are teachers who can see the different ways in which children think and act - whatever they may be. A teacher’s support can have an impact on the rest of one’s life, giving courage and confidence.

Mari Rantasila, actress


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Updated on February 1st, 2021
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What is it all about?

Teachers face many demands at work and carry a lot of educational responsibility. In addition, the profession is quite supervised and regulated, depending on the country. These demands are combined with the changing role of the teacher, due to changes and progression in society. When content becomes older faster, will the teacher become more of a facilitator and supervisor?

Although teachers’ work is facing changes and challenges, the teacher’s role for an individual student may be significant.

The Thank Your Teacher campaign is an excellent way of highlighting the importance and appreciation of teachers, which is needed in these changing times. The campaign clearly shows that the role of a teacher for a person’s life is much more than just teaching content. For many, the teacher has been the only safe adult who has provided guidance with a lasting impact.

In the campaign, influencers from different fields share their stories about the teachers who have influenced them, encouraging others to do the same. People are encouraged to share their own stories through social media, blogs, or other public forums.

A successful campaign brings the importance of teachers review to everyone's lips and helps us recall those teachers who truly made a difference.

The Thank Your Teacher campaign increases the appreciation of teachers and the visibility of their work in society. If implemented on a regular basis, it increases the appreciation and attractiveness of the teacher's profession.


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The campaign brings multiple voices into the discussion on teachers and highlights exceptional school memories and stories.


The concrete role of teachers' work in the lives of individuals is made publicly visible.


The campaign can be implemented anywhere, regardless of the school system.


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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Inviting public figures along
Only a few people are required for the campaign − preferably from different fields and different age groups. Representation is important because the campaign wants to highlight a variety of stories.
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Media and collaborators
In order for the campaign to achieve maximum visibility, it is best to combine multiple resources.
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The basic elements of the campaign
Agree on the permanent basic elements of the campaign with the collaborators.
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Video production
Although stories can be shared in a variety of forms, the stories of public figures have most momentum when they are on film.
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Campaign implementation
It’s worth building momentum around the campaign before it goes public. The videos, basic material and the website should all be ready prior to this.
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Feedback and review
When the campaign has been implemented once and feedback has been collected from collaborators, the campaign can be developed into an annual event.
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