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A combined approach in teaching ICT and EFL skills, offering basic training in digital literacy for EFL students aged 12-18.

Digital Literacy for EFL Students

Marker Tetovo, Macedonia (FYROM)
Digital Literacy for EFL Students is a course designed specifically for learners of English as a foreign or second language at Intermediate (B1-B2) level, aiming to advance their linguistic competence through the use of digital technology. The course comprises of five modules: Blogging, Web Design, Filmmaking and Video Editing, Social Networks, and Presentation Skills.


“At Pegasus ELS we promote Digital Literacy for EFL Students in order to enable young learners to create and share contents in English, using information technologies and the Internet. This approach increases their impact and visibility in the digital world we live in, and makes them feel like digital heroes of their time!”

Pero Sardzoski, Director of Studies, Pegasus ELS

In an increasingly dynamic and globalized world, where technology constantly offers new assets for a greater connectivity among cultures, groups, and individuals, we need to focus on developing the basic skills required for young learners to fully develop their potentials to be truly involved in the digital age that we, as educators, are preparing them for. English language skills and ICT skills are the main skills required for 21st-century literacy. By introducing a combined instruction between these two subject areas in order to produce a common intellectual output can create the necessary context for students' full engagement in the learning process, allowing individuality in their expression of ideas, with proper guidance facilitated by their educators.  

Pegasus English Language School, located in Tetovo, Macedonia, is a pioneer in promoting Digital Literacy for EFL Students in the country. The school offers a model of blended learning (Flipped Classroom), combining both EFL and ICT instruction to bring the process of acquisition of new skills to yet another level, where students will be able to produce their own digital products, using English as a language required for a greater impact in sharing and promoting their ideas beyond their local communities. 

Therefore, Digital Literacy for EFL Students offers a step-by-step process in facilitating students' production of content for their blogs, websites, videos, and promote them on social media by advancing their presentation skills as well, focusing on networking and creating online communities, where they could share and exchange ideas. It is a unique opportunity for students of EFL and ICT to combine their skills in order to increase their visibility in the ever-changing digital world we live in. 

Digital Literacy for EFL Students provides a meaningful context for the further development of students' entrepreneurship skills by introducing digital branding for products and services, using the skills they will acquire during this course. In this way, students are provided with the necessary tools to use a set of skills that are required for success in college, career, and life. 

Digital Literacy for EFL Students was a finalist in the category of Local Innovation at the ELTons 2017 Innovation Awards, organised by the British Council in partnership with the University of Cambridge (Cambridge English Language Assessment).  

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Intended Outcomes
12 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Technical equipment: One-computer classroom and a video projector, 1 laptop per student, Internet connection. Digital resources: Edmodo for tasks and written assignments (www.edmodo.com); Wordpress for blogging (www.wordpress.com); Padlet for additional student resources (www.padlet.com). Video editing tools: Final Cut Pro and Youtube Video Editor. Presentation skills (www.prezi.com, Microsoft Office Powerpoint).

See this innovation in action.

Tetovo youth
Digital Literacy for EFL Students
Local innovation award in partnership with Cambridge English Language Assessment
Pegasus ELS on ELTons 2017 Innovation Awards
Pegasus ELS | English Language School
“It is a new and adventurous way of teaching digital skills to students of EFL. Digital Literacy for EFL Students is a...”
Pero Sardzoski
Pegasus ELS Digital Literacy


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