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Advancing the quality of education for underserved learners through technology solutions and pro bono consulting.


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Team4Tech is a nonprofit impact accelerator, bridging the digital equity gap in education to create inclusion and opportunities for millions of learners around the world (UN SDG 4.4). Our mission is to improve the quality of education for under-resourced learners by building nonprofit capacity through technology and training.
"I believe the model Team4Tech deploys has a powerful impact on learners - by combining high-quality interactions between education nonprofits and corporate volunteers leading to meaningful skills."

John Solomon, VP and GM Chrome OS at Google


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Updated on June 22nd, 2022
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We see a world where all learners have access to quality education and pathways to opportunities.

Team4Tech’s work is global, yet hyper-local, serving communities facing deep educational and economic inequities. We operate regional hubs in Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and  the Americas (coming in 2023) where we partner with established, high-performing nonprofit organizations in low-resource contexts for three to five years, to help them realize their goals for integrating technology to improve educational outcomes and engagement for their learners. 

We work with our nonprofit partners to define the goals and metrics of the long-term collaboration, as well as the scope of pro bono capacity-building projects and the use of annual technology grants of $15,000 that are matched by the nonprofit’s fundraising. Using a human-centered design approach for each pro bono consulting project, a Team4Tech Program Director guides a team of employee volunteers from leading technology companies to work with the NPO’s staff and teachers in implementing technology solutions and training to support these goals. 

Since 2013, we have delivered $15M in technology grants and pro bono consulting services to 53 strategic NPO partners in 23 countries, benefitting over 110,000 learners. 

The projects Team4Tech has led over nine years have made a meaningful difference for our strategic NPO partners, producing tools and resources that have allowed them to expand their curricula, strengthen learning outcomes, and enhance economic opportunities for their learners. Building from this strong foundation, in 2022, we are broadening and deepening our impact by leveraging the solutions we have developed through our pro bono consulting projects, converting them into free, online, and easily-accessible tools and resources for a larger online community of practice (CoP) made up of hundreds of community-based NPOs where members meet, collaborate, share best practices and curriculum, discuss, connect with volunteers, and access technology tools/resources. 


HundrED Academy Review

The potential here is enourmous. The scalability of connecting people and organisations with resources, via a moral purpose, is incredibly powerful. The combination of networking and sharing education via these methods is inspiring and can create a real impact, as evidenced to date.

- HundrED Academy Member

A non-profit supporting the development of other non-profits to ensure many ideas are brought forward is very innovative. Team4Tech has a great structure in place to support and develop innovative ideas across the globe.

- HundrED Academy Member
Team4Tech creates a powerful exchange of knowledge between companies and educational non-profits. By providing support and relevant resources the educational non-profits that work with Team4Tech, they are able to grow their impact and reach more students. This concept can be scaled and adopted in other countries.
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November 2021
HundrED 2022
June 2019
Community Champion, Silicon Valley Business Journal
June 2018
Innovation Award, Go Abroad, Innovative New Program - Volunteer Abroad
May 2014
Finalist, Classy Award, Educational Advancement

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