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A model to develop the technology skills of the whole school community

Student Agents

Marker Finland
Student Agents equips young people to share their ICT skills with their whole school community, supporting and training teachers and students alike. This comprehensive models involves mapping out the school's digital needs, training enthusiastic students and planning and implementing day-to-day activities to optimize ICT use.

What is StudentAgents?

“It’s really inspirational to actually be able to teach others – to show what you’re capable of and to notice that the other person is learning what you’re teaching them.”

- StudentAgent

The StudentAgent model was inspired by feedback from teachers, many of whom said it can be a challenge to keep up with digitalization. Schools are constantly creating different models to develop technical skills, but they can lack adequate resources for effective digital support.

Young people are more likely than their teachers to be familiar with technology and can often be more skilled in this area. The StudentAgent model uses these skills to benefit the entire school community. This innovation aims to support not only the work of teachers, who will gain new skills and teaching tools, but also the development of students' own skills and confidence. 

First, a team of eager students is formed; second, together with a teacher they then discuss the specific needs in their school; and then finally decide on an action plan to address them. StudentAgents support teachers during lessons and will also help, if necessary, outside the classroom with small everyday problems.

StudentAgents provides a flexible model to support the utilization of technology for teachers and students in the classroom. In the spirit of the reformed Finnish national core curriculum, the activity goes beyond both grade level and disciplinary boundaries. The role of the teacher is transformed from teacher to instructor, and students have the opportunity to teach as well as learn. At the same time, a sense of engagement among the students grows as they take responsibility for the development of the whole school community.

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Intended Outcomes
10 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
The approach utilizes existing ICT equipment at the school. Time should be set aside to train the Student Agents.
HundrED Criteria
The innovation strives to share students' expertise in ICT with the entire school, empowering the students themselves as well as their community.
Engagement and inclusion grows among students and teachers gain the confidence and skills to more easily incorporate ICT into their teaching.
Students plan the activities based on the school’s needs, meaning the model can be implemented in a variety of school contexts.

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Choosing a teacher in charge
The teacher in charge should be aware of the kind of digital know-how the school will need in the near future.
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An accurate mapping of needs
The StudentAgents map out what kinds of ICT issues teachers and students are facing and plan training and activities based on these needs. The teacher in charge can also list issues, for example based on a teachers´ meeting.
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Assembling the StudentAgent team
The teacher in charge gathers an enthusiastic team of students.
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Designing and planning training packages
The StudentAgent team designs training packages based on observed needs. StudentAgents present the teacher with short, planned modules.
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Exchanging thoughts and developing the concept
It is a good idea to design a learning path for the Student Agents, either school-based or with another StudentAgent school. It's useful for teachers and agents to share their thoughts.
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Timo Järvenpää
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