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Want to learn life skills through passion fuelled events, the Superhero Talent program and social media?

Trix and Trax

location_on Caracas, Venezuela
Trix and Trax help students discover and develop talents in arts, music, dance, sports...Who they are? and what is their passion? through "peer learning and Role Playing" the student is always the STAR. We combine Values, Live events, Superhero TP, Digital tool, and Technology. recorded performances are shared in a controlled social media platform to be recognized amongst their peers!
Ivonne Blanco, Director of Colegio IEA-El Peñón
Activities such as Trix and Trax are essential not only to encourage the development of talent in arts, music and sports but also to teach values that are important to our educational institution such as creativity, leadership, teamwork and self-confidence.

Ivonne Blanco, Director of Colegio IEA-El Peñón


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Updated on August 9th, 2022
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What is Trix and Trax?

Adolescent years are some of the most crucial and influential of a student’s life. They are often plagued with low self-esteem and poor self-image which can be detrimental for young people and stop them from developing their passions and interests.

We need to develop opportunities that get them excited, Trix and Trax provides encouragement and motivation to help them fulfill their potential in a way that reinforces and builds sociol-emotional skills.

Trix and Trax is an educational program integrating live events with online video performances.  With over 1000 video performances and over 2 million online views this social media based platform is creating quite a buzz around student's passions.

The program is centered around 5 zones:

  • The Trix Zone - to show and learn to do tricks with a ball like football-freestyle, skateboarding, slackline, rollerblade,  BMX, or any non-traditional sports.

  • The Trax Zone - to show and learn to play music with a guitar, drum, bass,  mix music like a Dj, sing or play with your band.

  • The Dance Zone - to show and learn new steps, dance styles, and choreography.

  • The Visual Arts Zone to show and learn to paint, graffiti or photography.

  • The Media-Tech Zone: To film and edit videos and manage the online platform and social media channels for those who prefer to stay behind the cameras and be part of "The Staff."

Trix and Trax creates the right conditions so that any student can perform in front of others in a safe environment to showcase their talents, in any of the zones, and learn from each other.

The program works to transform the tacit knowledge of these "Super Heroes" into a step by step practical learning methodology to enable them to discover their talents & learn how to teach & learn from  their peers. Through a set of sessions, each "Super Hero" first learns to discover and present their talents. They then work as a group, divided by their zone of choice, to work in teams, teaching and motivating a group of peers to prepare a final group performance for each zone. Videos of these performances are shared on the Trix and Trax social media tool and students give positive feedback and recognize each others strengths.

All participants of the program then take on the final challenge of organizing a Trix and Trax event for the school where each zone is set up, not only to highlight their talent but also to welcome other students who want to experiment and learn more about it. They are now ready to show their talent and to teach and motivate and inspire others to show their talents.


HundrED Academy Review


Trix and Trax puts a new spin on the idea of a talent show. Students are superheros and develop their talent while gaining leadership & entrepreneurial skills. Trix and Trax also use their online resources & social media to connect multiple peers, teachers & schools together.


Trix and Trax have numerous case studies of impact with many young people going on to pursue careers in their passion because of their experience, as well as skill development such as confidence and collaborative learning.


Trix and Trax currently operate in both Venezuela and Chile. Trix and Trax have had 15,000 participants in over 28 events. Their online record boasts 1000 performance videos with more than 2 million views on social media.

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About the Superhero Talent program
Lissette Rojas CEO & CO-FOUNDER of TrixandTrax with Students Introduce you to The Superhero Talent Program
Alessandro Pernia Mi Experiencia T&T
Alessandro describes his experience
Virtual TrixandTrax Classroom
Virtual Classroom
NEW Superhero Talent Program. SITE
NEW Superhero Talent Program. SITE
TRIX & TRAX on Instagram: “Una vez más demostramos que para el aprendizaje no existen barreras, y en esta ocasión, ni el idioma, la diferencia horaria, ni mucho menos…”
TRIX & TRAX on Instagram: “¡Atravesando fronteras, TrixAndTrax lleva su metodología a Finlandia! 🚀🇫🇮 . Al ser seleccionados como uno de los programas educativos más…” - Venezuela TrixandTrax Students group of TrixandTrax Student shares to the world the TOPS things they have done and how they are feeling during the COVID-19 Quarantine. Why it's important to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus Taking care of all our loved ones and sharing time with the family is priceless. STAY AT HOME!By order of appearance:Lissette Christian Ana Cristina NicolasIker Nathalia Gabriel Rebeca Manuel Maria Fernanda Manuel Ana - Nathalia - Venezuela!
Coping with the COVID-19 quarantine Natalia gives helpful tips. TrixandTrax Student
Mi Experiencia TrixandTrax Testimonios
My world in 30 years and how my talent positively impacts it.
My world in 30 years and how my talent positively impacts it. It is an activity to implement creativity, perseverance, collaboration, and empathy under the Trixandtrax methodology where the student is the protagonist and learns from each other peer education, reinforces self-confidence, and helps their abilities, skills and enhances their talents. you want to Implement it? Here is How. Please, share with us your experience we are collecting worldwide experiences. Click CREATE YOUR FUTURE WORLD to see how to do itHere the result. Example of the creation process of one of our studentsBy Alessandro PerniaMi World V1Mi World V2Mi World V3
Alexa & Sofia Experience School can also be fun!
David Cardinales Experience Leadership & Confidence
Diego Arraiz Experience Digital Tools & Confidence
TrixandTrax Super Hero Talent Program
In the classroom action!
The "Peer to Peer Methodology"
Programa de Súper Héroes
Programa de formación de Súper Héroes Trix and TraxIdentify and work in a practical way the talents and socio-emotional and physical skills of students applicable to any area of ​​work and life using the TrixandTrax method, project learning and peer to peer learning, children teaching and motivating children. Student centric
Metodology: Peer Learning - Student Centered
TrixandTrax SuperHeroes Talent Program, Incap Los Samanes, Caracas, Venezuela
Impact: Self Evaluation TrixandTrax SuperHeroes Talent Program
TrixandTrax SuperHeroes Talent Program
TrixandTrax SuperHeroes Talent program Incap Los Samanes, Caracas Venezuela
Lissette Rojas introducing Trix & Trax | HundrED Innovation Summit
Principal of Colegio IEA. Ivonne Blanco
Súper Héroes con valores!
Lo Mejor del Flips Fest 2015
Trixandtrax event example in the school.
The Trix and Trax why


Achievements & Awards

July 2020
New Trixandtrax Academy Site
June 2020
Imagining & Creating My World In 30 Years and how my Talent Positively Impacts in it
June 2020
Trixandtrax In SEPPO.IO
January 2020
Global Talent Class Finland - Venezuela
November 2019
First Hands On TrixandTrax Peer Learning & Role Playing Helsinki Education Week Kaisaniemi Comprehensive School
July 2019
First TrixandTrax Talent Program For Teacher
July 2019
8th Grade -Phase 1 Talent Program
May 2019
April 2019
7th Grade -Phase 1 Talent Program
December 2018
6th Grade -Phase 1 Talent Program
November 2018
HundrED 2019
September 2017
HundrED 2018
August 2017
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October 2016
Citibank foundation “Micro-entrepreneurs of the year"
February 2015
British Embassies, Latin America. DIT Inward Investment Program Latin America
May 2013
Selected by the Chilean Government to be part of Startup Chile
October 2012
Selected by Wayra Telefónica / Startups portafolio
August 2011
EDUTEC Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Invited as panelist by Ministry of Education of Brasil y TVEscola
April 2011
MIPTV Content 360 Finalist “Interactive and Cross Media Digital Entertainment Formats”
April 2010
MIPTV Content 360 Finalist “Next Generation Audience Engagements”

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Planning, Invitation & Discovery
The first step is to decide how you will introduce Trix and Trax in your school to begin the journey for students to discover and share their passions!
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Presentation & Passion
The second step in Phase A is to facilitate students in the school to discover their passions and convert them into a path to build skills for life.
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Test your creativity!
The next step in Phase A focuses on the learners converting tacit knowledge into a learning methodology to develop creativity.
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Learning from peers to create individual performances
In the final step of Phase A students use their documentation of passions and talents to teach and learn them from their peers.
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Peer to peer learning & leadership
The next step focuses on empowering super heroes to develop leadership skills to become better teachers.
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Learning from peers to perform as a group
Participants pick an area of interest and work together to prepare a group performance in front of the rest.
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