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Tagtiv8 games & ideas activate learning in Mathematics & English - crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Tagtiv8 Active Learning

United Kingdom
As teachers & leaders, we need to look at ways we can increase and embed creative opportunities for learning. Tagtiv8’s physically active learning (PAL) approaches & ideas help develop innovative ways to combine English and Mathematics with physical activity. Research by Leeds Beckett University proves that our PAL solutions tackle inactivity & obesity & impact on standards.

Who Are We & Where Have We Come From?

Bryn Llewellyn, Director
“According to Alison Kriel, CEO of the Amaya Trust, London, Tagtiv8 is an amazing resource and should be in every school. ”

Bryn Llewellyn, Director

Tagtiv8 Active Learning was founded in 2012 by a teacher and school leader who love learning but hate sitting down for long periods of time. We were frustrated that many schools were focussing only on English and Mathematics. Certain subjects were put to one side. Subjects were being taught in boxes and we know that this is not how we learn best. Our mission – to create educational resources that develop confidence in key areas of the curriculum through physical activity.

Our resources are manufactured in the UK - in Yorkshire to be precise. We are so proud to partner with the awesome team at hft. To find out more, click here.

How Did We Get Here?

We taught in various UK schools for 25 years and were becoming increasingly worried that outside agencies were putting undue pressure on teachers and learners. Children were sitting down far too long. English, Phonics, Guided Reading and Mathematics were the sole diet for many children.

There were not enough opportunities to move and learn. Tagtiv8 set about creating ideas and games – with children – to redress the balance. Working with children ensured we were able to successfully create active learning games with a multitude of benefits – win:win solutions for health and education.

Teachers trust our pedagogy and children love our active learning games. We are currently working with over 60,000 children across the UK and abroad.

Where Are We Going?

As teachers and leaders, we need to look at ways we can increase and embed creative opportunities for learning. 

Our approaches and ideas help develop unique and innovative ways to combine English, Mathematics with Physical Activity. Tagtiv8 resources and training help teachers to unlock the potential of the classroom, PE hall and outdoor environment for learning core subjects, while also developing levels of fitness in our children.

Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Tagtiv8 games and ideas provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom based learning. They also promote physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Tagtiv8 ideas, games, resources and training packages are ideally suited to help teachers maximise the impact of the PE and Sport Premium Funding for Primary Schools. We help meet and exceed the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer and the Childhood Obesity Plan of Action.

Tagtiv8’s vision is an education system that improves standards. However, we also want one that values and develops the physical and emotional well-being of children and adults.

We aim to offer a new perspective on learning – making English and Maths active, relevant and fun.

Tagtiv8 games are a great way to ensure you reach & exceed your 30/30!

How Are We Going To Get There?

  • Create and share English and Mathematics games and ideas that promote physical well-being
  • Create and share physical activities that impact on standards in English and Mathematics
  • Promote creativity in children – allowing them to develop their own active learning games and then share them online
  • Support teachers in bringing the curriculum to life with innovative training packages
  • Provide schools with affordable resources and training that make learning exciting, engaging and relevant

Our Values

At Tagtiv8, we value physical activity, creativity, problem-solving and play. People learn best when they are active and challenged, with time to genuinely reflect. Creativity, collaboration and sharing are fundamental, as you will see in our ideas, games and training packages. Physically Active Learning leads to improved physical and emotional well-being. We have fun creating our games and want children and teachers to have fun playing them. Our team get such a buzz when teachers and learners share the games they have created. We trial these games and share them with children and schools around the world.

Tagtiv8 are part of a growing movement. Join us and like-minded souls – #SitLessMoveMore #moveandlearn #activelearning #activemaths.

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Innovation Overview
3 - 12
Age Group
65 000
1 615
Tips for implementation
What do we provide to help you with Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches? Resources, planning & activity cards to activate learning in Maths and English. Training & CPD Ideas for you to develop your own PAL approaches, activities and games. Activity Days Creative Legacy Days
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HundrED Review

Tagtiv8 active learning is a way to reclaim the sports hall, not just for PE but for english and maths!


Children in KS1 and KS2 from a primary school in Leeds were baseline tested before being randomly allocated to groups; taking part in either a seated classroom lesson or a Tagitv8 active learning lesson. The results showed that pupils who took part in the Tagtiv8 lesson achieved over nine minutes more MVPA compared to the traditional classroom lesson. They spent 15 minutes less in sedentary time.


200 + schools across the UK, France and Australia.


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Consider the Evidence
There is a growing body of evidence from research around the world that proves that Physically Active Learning (PAL) work as well as play. Not only does PAL impact on fitness and health, it also improves cognition.
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Starting your #moveandlearn journey - questions to provoke and support.
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No man is an island, so the saying goes. Tagtiv8 is no longer a baby -s/he is now a toddler, with occasional tantrums along the way. It soo became obvious that we need a 'family' to help support and nurture Tagtiv8. Step forward 'Move & Learn'...
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