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We activate learning in Mathematics, English, other subjects & languages - crucial in times of increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

Tagtiv8 Active Learning

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As teachers & leaders, we need to look at ways to embed creative opportunities for learning. Tagtiv8’s physically active learning (PAL) approaches & ideas develop innovative ways to combine Mathematics, English, other subjects and language with physical activity. Research by Leeds Beckett University demonstrate that our PAL solutions tackle inactivity & obesity & impact on standards.
Alison Kriel, Founder of Above&Beyond, London
Tagtiv8 is an amazing resource and should be in every school.

Alison Kriel, Founder of Above&Beyond, London


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Who Are We & Where Have We Come From?

Tagtiv8 Active Learning was founded in 2012 by a teacher and school leader who love learning but hate sitting down for long periods of time. We were frustrated that many schools were focussing only on English and Mathematics. Certain subjects were put to one side. Subjects were being taught in boxes and we know that this is not how we learn best. Our mission – to create educational resources that develop confidence in key areas of the curriculum through physical activity.

Our resources are manufactured in the UK - in Yorkshire to be precise. We are so proud to partner with the awesome team at hft. To find out more, click here.

How Did We Get Here?

We taught in various UK schools for 25 years and were becoming increasingly worried that outside agencies were putting undue pressure on teachers and learners. Children were sitting down far too long. English, Phonics, Guided Reading and Mathematics were the sole diet for many children.

There were not enough opportunities to move and learn. Tagtiv8 set about creating ideas and games – with children – to redress the balance. Working with children ensured we were able to successfully create active learning games with a multitude of benefits – win:win solutions for health and education.

Teachers trust our pedagogy and children love our active learning games. We are currently working with over 60,000 children across the UK and abroad.

Where Are We Going?

As teachers and leaders, we need to look at ways we can increase and embed creative opportunities for learning. 

Our approaches and ideas help develop unique and innovative ways to combine English, Mathematics with Physical Activity. Tagtiv8 resources and training help teachers to unlock the potential of the classroom, PE hall and outdoor environment for learning core subjects, while also developing levels of fitness in our children.

Studies show that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Tagtiv8 games and ideas provide an enjoyable alternative to classroom based learning. They also promote physical activity – crucial when we all face the increasing problem of sedentary lifestyles.

Tagtiv8 ideas, games, resources and training packages are ideally suited to help teachers maximise the impact of the PE and Sport Premium Funding for Primary Schools. We help meet and exceed the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer and the Childhood Obesity Plan of Action.

Tagtiv8’s vision is an education system that improves standards. However, we also want one that values and develops the physical and emotional well-being of children and adults.

We aim to offer a new perspective on learning – making English and Maths active, relevant and fun.

Tagtiv8 games are a great way to ensure you reach & exceed your 30/30!

How Are We Going To Get There?

  • Create and share English and Mathematics games and ideas that promote physical well-being
  • Create and share physical activities that impact on standards in English and Mathematics
  • Promote creativity in children – allowing them to develop their own active learning games and then share them online
  • Support teachers in bringing the curriculum to life with innovative training packages
  • Provide schools with affordable resources and training that make learning exciting, engaging and relevant

Our Values

At Tagtiv8, we value physical activity, creativity, problem-solving and play. People learn best when they are active and challenged, with time to genuinely reflect. Creativity, collaboration and sharing are fundamental, as you will see in our ideas, games and training packages. Physically Active Learning leads to improved physical and emotional well-being. We have fun creating our games and want children and teachers to have fun playing them. Our team get such a buzz when teachers and learners share the games they have created. We trial these games and share them with children and schools around the world.

Tagtiv8 are part of a growing movement. Join us and like-minded souls – #SitLessMoveMore #moveandlearn #activelearning #activemaths.


HundrED Academy Review

Everything you learn by moving your body will remain in your brain as an active knowledge because you moved in order to achieve it. Bringing teachers on board to make the dynamics possible is going to generate a positive impact in the classroom/school.

- HundrED Academy Member

Research shows that children physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Tagtiv8 offers a new perspective on learning which makes English and Maths active, relevant and fun. Thus it has positive impact on students.;. It reaches 80K children in 8 countries since 2013.

- HundrED Academy Member
Tagtiv8 Active Learning integrates movement into literacy and numeracy. By equipping teachers with activities to take their students out of their chairs (literally) and encourage learning through movement, they are not only increasing their overall health but also their ability to understand and grasp concepts. This innovation has been spreading and already successful in 8 countries.
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See this innovation in action

Playful Poetry
Before founding Tagtiv8, we were teachers and school leaders. One of the highlights was being part of CAPE UK Creative Partnerships and their Change Schools programme. This meant we could bring in artists, musicians, film makers, dancers and others to inspire the children, their families and the teachers. Pure joy!We love the creativity and versatility of our tags. So when a secondary school leader and researcher asked us to contribute to an arts event, we jumped at the chance.Playful poetry - bring it on...Here's the blog post.Here's the presentation.If you like what you see and would like to play with us, let's jump on a call.
BBC News Report PPESP
We exist for many reasons, whether they be related to health or education.How do we ensure sustainability? We need:pioneering schools with brave school leadersexposure on mainstream mediaHere's a blend of the two - with a feature on BBC News.If you know of any schools who would like to join this pioneering school leader and his team, let's jump on a call.
We love collaborating with fellow HundrED innovators. Our love for TT Rock Stars is no secret. Everywhere we go, we see their Leaderboards in schools. Children and teachers alike love the gamification and the fun. The impact is quick and long lasting.Taking their idea and adding a few twists of our own, we have created our new Tagtiv8 League Tables. Children form tams and then create their own:namemotto or mantracode of conductchantThey then play a series of matches against other teams in their school. There are points for:winningcreativityteamworkfair playresilienceDoes it work? Of course - a bit of friendly competition helps motivate the children and their teachers.
World Education Summit - Osiris Educational
It may not have been headlining the Pyramid Stage with Stormzy and Coldplay, but it was still pretty cool to be asked to present research and ideas about Physically Active Learning (PAL) at such a prestigious event.The World Education Summit was curated by Osiris and featured many awesome presenters from across the globe. Our founder, Bryn Llewellyn shared his talk with Ian Holmes, co-founder of Move&Learn CIC.The presenters included many people who continue to inspire us, including the wonderful HundrED collaborator, Pasi Sahlberg, whom we met at the HundrED Summit in 2018.
Helping Local Communities Tackle Health Issues
One of our initial aims was to create resources and training for K-12 schools. Since then, we have been on a few mazy runs. However, we always return to what we do best - helping children and teachers move & learn.It seems our reputation as pioneers of PAL (Physically Active Learning) is growing. Here in the UK, Sport England has funded 12 Local Delivery Pilots (LDPs) across the country - one of which is in Bradford. To find out more about 'Join Us: Move Play', click here.Earlier this year, we were approached by JU:MP Obesity Trailblazers team. Would we like to create content for Physical Activity in madrasa schools in Bradford - with the ideas then being rolled out in Birmingham? As author, Kyra Davis says, “Sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to break the rules. And we have to discover the sensuality of fear. We need to face it, challenge it, dance with it.”And that is what we intend to do - working with new teams and organisations to help local communities solve local, national and international problems. At the time of writing, we are going through a double-diamond design model. This means we are working with the communities to reflect their needs. For the programme to work, we need ALL stakeholders on board. Watch this space for further details. 
13,000 More Children Moving & Learning
"We've been informed that your PAL (Physically Active Learning) programme is backed by research. Would you be interested in supporting 30 schools as part of Bradford Clinical Commissioning Group?" This was the questioned posed to us by Dr Grainne Dickerson, Public Health Specialist and Health Psychologist. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance.30 schools - let's do the Maths! That's getting on for 13,000 children. Not only that,  but some of the schools are secondary/high schools. New challenges and new opportunities.Now that Covid-19 lockdowns are easing, we have started working with these 30 schools - training teachers so they are confident and competent, delivering PAL approaches by themselves. The structures are now in place to deliver training across different platforms - including a series of webinars and face to face sessions. A perfect blend of digital and analogue.Watch this space for future developments...
Further Research Funding
Initial research by Dr Andy Daly-Smith at Leeds Beckett University demonstrated that Tagtiv8 impacts positively on activity levels and academic performance. This research was awarded 5 stars from NESTA. Our Physically Active Learning (PAL) approaches also help close the gap for children who sometimes struggle in the classroom. Taking the learning outside really does work and play.Since then, researchers from another university have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to secure funding for further research into our programme. Leeds University School of Psychology have now appointed a full-time researcher to investigate how Tagtiv8 impacts on teachers as well as students. The longitudinal study will take place starts this summer - it will run over 12 months with 9 schools in Bradford, West Yorkshire. These are really exciting times - we will keep you posted with developments. 
Making Learning Stick - in All Subjects & Languages
When we launched our Tagtiv8 Word platform, it was to help teachers make learning in English more active, relevant and fun. Why? The test-driven culture of the UK education system meant that many children were living on a sole diet of Mathematics and English. The latter subject was not necessarily about creating a love of reading - it was more about simply teaching Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. Cue the dreaded SPaG tests!However, once schools started playing the games, teachers soon began to realise that students could use the letters on the tags to deepen learning in other subjects, whether it be:sciencehistorygeographyThen a breakthrough, whilst working and playing with a school in Helsinki. Naively, we assumed the children spoke Finnish. It was only when we arrived that we realised it was a Swedish speaking school. There's always time to pivot - and the outcomes were amazing.Not only are schools now in a position to use tags for other subjects, they can also use them to develop their understanding of languages other than English.To find out more, click here and here and here.
A More Eco-Friendly Sustainable Resource
Our background is in Environmental Studies and Education. We are committed to education:about the environmentthrough the environmentfor the environmentOur first beta-resources were imported ethically from India. However, as most of our schools were based in the UK, we thought we could go further with lowering our carbon footprints - manufacturing them here, therefore cutting down on shipping.We are proud to say that our resources are now created in Yorkshire - employing local people from local companies, organisations and charities. Our tags are built to last! As we are promoting learning outside, they need to be durable and water-proof. After all, the weather can be rather erratic.What about the other materials we use? With some signposting from HundrED Connect, we discovered up-cycled plastic! Then we found a manufacturer in the north of England, who were keen to support us. Yes, they may not be as colourful as the previous versions, but our new Tag Pods still look pretty cool! We even leave the manufacturer's labels on. Why? We figure they may prompt children - and teachers - to ask:What is up-cycled?How is it different from re-cycled?Can I look into it and see if it can help me do my bit for the environment?Our resources continue to evolve - let's see what our next steps will involve...
Helping Schools Emerge from Covid-19 Lockdown
We are in unprecedented times. We can't even begin to understand the incredible trauma faced by so many. Our initial thoughts can be read in this HundrED blog post - Thank you, Pukhraj and Mariah for your support in making sense of the words.Since then, we have been working with teachers and children to create activities and resources that will help schools re-open to a wider number of children. Many children in the foreseeable future will be taught in bubbles - with physical and social distancing a priority. What do our new approaches look like? Head here - read the words and check out the video. As to the feedback from school leaders and teachers:“Fantastic Zoom chat with Bryn from Tagtiv8 this morning. So many ideas! Can’t wait to get started in September!” Phil Timmins, Y6 Teacher, Summerfield PS, Birmingham“Lovely to catch up with Tagtiv8 online this morning. Some amazing COVID friendly active learning ideas will be winging their way to our POD teachers. Love being part of the Tagtiv8 family!” Faye Hirst, Assistant Principal, Orchard Primary Academy, DewsburyIf you think your schools would welcome support, just contact us.
Taking Tagtiv8 to Scotland
Yes, we know the map shows that Tagtiv8 has a presence in the UK. However, it fails to show that the UK is made of separate countries. We are now proud to say that a school in Scotland has joined us in our 'move and learn' journey. Following a great Activity Day and CPD session, St Margaret's Primary School in Renfrewshire decided to buy our Maths programme. Their teachers are now super excited to take learning beyond the classroom walls.According to teacher, Heather Moynihan: "The staff and pupils really enjoyed our Tagtiv8 day last year (seems such a long time ago now!) and we would love to use it again! I was thinking that it might be useful for more outdoor learning for pupils when the children return after the Summer, thinking about socially distancing!"Watch this space to see how the teachers and children get on with their new Tagtiv8 resources.
BBC: Supporting Families with Home Learning
The week before Covid-19 lockdown in the UK, we were working with 3 amazing  schools in Whitby and Scarborough, North Yorkshire. This is usually the busiest time for Tagtiv8 in terms of Activity Days and CPD for teachers. However, all bookings were shelved - hopefully temporarily - and we were left with a dilemma: "What are we going to do now?"Out of the blue, a call from a producer at BBC Education: "Would you be able to help with writing content and scripts for us?" A leap out of our comfort zone, but it provided a great opportunity to work with a wonderful team - albeit temporarily and working remotely. Cue an intense 10 weeks sat at the MacBook. Write, edit, Zoom repeat. The irony that we usually challenge sedentary lifestyles was not lost on us. At the time of writing, we have had a hand in 75 episodes, all of which have helped children learn at home with their families during the pandemic. To see some of the content, visit BBC Bitesize. Please note, this is only available in the UK, owing to licensing arrangements.At the last count, BBC revealed these Bitesize programmes were viewed by 3.5 MILLION people!We even managed to share a few 'move and learn' approaches during some of the episodes and the BBC created links to our site. This resulted in 450 signing up to our e-newsletter. Hopefully, this will lead to opportunities for us to work and play with more schools when things return to a greater sense of normality.
Taking Tagtiv8 to Argentina with Hei Schools
The HundrED Summit is very special for many reasons. Yes, it's about innovations - but it's also about the people. Talking with the wonderful Hei Schools, it soon became apparent that there was a clear and definite synergy between our organisations.Cue a series of online conversations in January and February with Hei's Pedagogical Manager, Karoliina Nygren: "Would Tagtiv8 like to support our new school in Buenos Aries?" Of course we said, "Yes." The resources were shipped and the planning documents sent via We Transfer.As Covid-19 started spreading, Karoliina informed us: "Things in Argentina are very fine and the school opened last week with around 15 first and second grade students. I had a short chat with the teacher last week and asked them to try out some Tagtiv8 activities soon. I try to get some nice photos and content from them and we should definitely work on a piece together for HundrED! I will also share their feedback on the product when I get some."Then, we heard: "We needed to evacuate our Finnish teacher and the school will be closed until September. Despite all this bad luck I think the tags would be a great teaching aid for the local primary teacher. She is very open to new teaching methods and I would really like her to try out the tags when the school opens again. Since the period of teacher training was so short, our Finnish teacher onsite didn’t have the time to explore the tags with Agostina (name of the local primary teacher). Therefore I would hope we could cooperate and if you are about to host any webinars or online trainings related to your product, it would be great to introduce the tags and how to use them through that for Agostina. Of course the time difference between Europe and South America is pretty challenging but let’s try to figure something out."Another pivot during this pandemic, but we are remain optimistic. We have learned to play the long game. Watch this space...
Connectivity & Creativity with Physical Activity (PA) & Physically Active Learning (PAL)This week we were working with a school in London, when we heard an adult say, “What’s the point of playing with Maths?” Rather than reply, we waited to watch her respond to a Tagtiv8 session, knowing full well the impact in advance. Cue a 180 degree about turn: “Now I get it - it’s fun, it’s active and it’s sticky!” The latter term doesn’t just apply to the velcro on the tags and belts. It’s all about the learning - our ‘move and learn’ approaches make learning memorable.Tagtiv8 and the LEGO Foundation - a Shared EthosWhen we created Tagtiv8, we looked to the LEGO Foundation as our inspiration. Why? Well, the name lego derives from an abbreviation in Danish of “play well” - leg godt. Or you could simply read this awesome article.We wanted to create a resource that appealed to children of all ages - from Early Years to Primary/Elementary and beyond. As teachers and school leaders, we need to create and develop innovative solutions to health and education issues - crucial in these days of increasingly sedentary lifestyles.As Sarah Bouchie, Head of Global Programmes at the Lego Foundation says, “Learning through play is all about:Curiosity Engagement Collaboration Critical Thinking Creativity”LEGO has ‘bricks’ of different sizes, shapes and colours. Tagtiv8 has tags of different colours - with letters, numbers and symbols. Like LEGO, we provide instructions and diagrams for teachers and children so they know how to play the games. However, this is simply the starting point. Once they get to grips with the simplicity of the format, the imagination kicks in. Teachers are empowered, thinking, “We could use this for fractions, decimals, percentages and more.” Likewise, the children start pushing the boundaries of what’s possible:“We could draw a hundred square on the play-ground and then skip with the number tags…”“We could walk the tags like you walk a dog!”“We could clap on the tens and hop on the ones.”“We could jump over the odd numbers and jump over the even ones.”Tagtiv8 children create games with moves, rules, scoring systems and strategic tips to play well and win. They test out their ideas and refine them. They share these ideas and encourage others to twist, morph and blend their own ideas into the mix. Our BEST games are devised and developed by children. Why? Children are naturally creative, curious and know no boundaries. Watching them create their own moves is something very special indeed!Designing and creating their own games is empowering and rewarding. Imagine the sense of pride the children from Lordship Lane Primary School in London have when they see their game, ‘Tomato Ketchup and Mustard’ being played by children elsewhere in the UK and even in other countries. Play Starts with the Very Young and ContinuesWatching children from EYFS/Kindergarten enter a room - with the tags and Velcro strips strewn across the floor and the colourful buckets and pods in the middle - is wonderful. What do they do? They:Pick the tags up Jump over themMatch themPut them in linesOrder themStick them on the VelcroWith older children, the imagination continues - as seen in this collaborative programme with fellow HundrED innovators, Night Zookeeper. What better way to spark creativity than a blend of movement, drama, art, writing and technology?Going Beyond English & MathematicsWe never cease to be amazed by the creativity of teachers and children. Pioneering schools have been exploring the links between our Active Word programme with languages other than English and other subjects such as History and Science. This certainly echoes our Mission Statement:“We were frustrated that many schools were focusing only on English and Mathematics – with certain subjects put to one side. In some schools, subjects are taught in boxes and we know that this is not how we learn best.” Watching children interweave subjects really takes the learning to another level. Like LEGO, there really is no limit to how the Tagtiv8 ‘building blocks’ can be used. To us, play isn’t just about Physical Activity and Physically Active Learning games - it’s about the explorative and experimental process of learning. Children as Play FacilitatorsPlay gets better still, when the children lead Tagtiv8 sessions on their own – especially with older students helping younger children. This certainly echoes the Lego Foundation’s call to action, “Let’s Champion the Power of Play.” Tagtiv8 really does help children of all ages play and interact and experiment more freely.Looking AheadThe initial research by Leeds Beckett University and backed by NESTA demonstrated Tagtiv8’s impact on levels of activity as well as academic performance. Tagtiv8 have recently secured funding to investigate the impact of their training methods with teachers. No doubt, play will be an essential element in the delivery - watch this space.Creativity and connectivity are essential to Tagtiv8. Want to know more? Just reach out...
Creativity - Children Create Content
Tagtiv8 have a shared ethos with LEGO. It's all about play and creativity.All Tagtiv8 games are created by people in schools - teachers AND children! In fact, our BEST games are devised and developed by children. Why? Because children are naturally creative, curious and know no boundaries. Watching them create their own moves is something very special indeed!Tagtiv8 provide the school with resources and instructions to get them started - but then the imagination kicks in.Tagtiv8 children create and develop their games - before sharing them with children in other parts of the world. "THEY'RE PLAYING OUR GAMES IN AUSTRALIA!" Imagine the pride in seeing your idea adding value to someone else's day!Tagtiv8 children create games with moves, rules, scoring systems and strategic tips to play well and win. They test out their ideas and refine them. They share these ideas and encourage others to twist, morph and blend their own ideas into the mix.The outcomes are truly wonderful! As teachers, we love playing the games created by the children:Can you Walk the Dog?Tomato Ketchup & MustardThe Great British Jump - or Hop - OffAnd it gets better still, when the children lead Tagtiv8 sessions on their own - especially with older students helping younger children. Creativity is essential to Tagtiv8. Want to know more? Let's connect...
Tagtiv8 Training Programme Approved
Tagtiv8 has grown slowly - with no investment or backing from others. What has driven us? The belief that our 'move & learn' approaches work. The impact is evidenced in the smiles of the children and their attitudes to learning, as well as the feedback from their teachers. Initial research demonstrates impact on inactivity levels and academic performance.What next? To continue our growth, we need others to help spread the Tagtiv8 messages and programmes in locations around the world. We have created a training programme - linked to the Teaching Standards in the UK - with One Awards. This has been approved by Ofqual so with that seal of approval, we are ready to scale up and move forwards. To find out more, just reach out...
The Power of Student Led Learning - Tagtiv8
The comments we receive from children are always positive and encouraging."I used to think I was rubbish at Maths, but now I know I'm not!""With Tagtiv8, you don't get a chance to get bored or zone out."Many of our games are created by children. These are then shared with other schools:"Miss, they're playing our games in Australia!"We also believe in children's abilities to lead the 'move & learn' sessions with their peers. Check out this blog post, 'The Power of Student Led Learning'.
Premier League Collaborations
We love to work & play with others! Schools, fellow HundrED innovators such as Times Tables RockStars and Night Zookeeper and larger organisations help us reach out to more teachers, children and families.We know collaboration works - the evidence is in the smiles and feedback. Check out these comments from Northampton Town FC Community Trust:"Combining physical activity and learning has been a really effective way for us to support learners in our community and school sessions to help them develop a broader range of cognitive skills. There’s so many different activities that can be delivered through Tagtiv8, it’s a fantastic resource to have at our disposal."Phillip Smith, CEO, NTFC Community TrustWe have also been working closely with other Premier League Communities - check out the links with Leicester City here.Meanwhile, Stoke City and Leeds United have accessed our training and they now have Tagtiv8 resources of their own. They are advocates of our programmes and our partnerships are strengthening every season. It's definitely a case of teamwork:"Faster alone, further together..."
Taking Tagtiv8 to Kenya
We are always looking at innovative ways to spread the love of Tagtiv8's 'Move & Learn' approaches. When we were approached by volunteers en route to Kenya we thought let's get things going. One meeting in Leeds and one practical demonstration at a local school in Harrogate, the team were ready to roll. Equipped with tags and belts, the team shared the resources and planning with local teachers. The sessions were a great success! Here's just one tweet!Further proof that Tagtiv8 can be transferred into different settings with children (and teachers) around the globe. To find out more, check out the work of the Memusi Foundation.
Taking Tagtiv8 to the Basque Region
Working & playing with Purston Infant School in West Yorkshire, we were mesmerised by the way the the Year 2 children developed their own 'move & learn' patterns in multiplication. We shared their ideas on Twitter and pretty soon, were in conversation with Mikel Bringas from Mugiment in the Basque Country.Later, we received this video.The Headteacher's response was amazing:"It is fantastic. We had class assembly on Friday and it was the 2 boys class. I kept it secret and showed it to the children, staff and parents that were in there. I have sent the link to all Governors and other parents via parent mail. We gave the boys extra special stickers and called them Our International Ambassadors."As to the future, we are heading to the Basque Country - to share our 'move & learn; approaches with teachers and children in 2020. We have over 100 teachers signed up for a Tagtiv8 experience following an invitation from the local government. Exciting times ahead!
Tagtiv8 Transition - Smoothing the Process - Tagtiv8
How can we help all children - including the most vulnerable - especially at transition points? For many children, moving on can be especially difficult and challenging – especially those with attachment issues or who may be deemed vulnerable. Minor worries, wobbles and concerns can quickly escalate and the ‘move to big school’ can be foreboding. Research shows that, for some young people, it can negatively affect their social, emotional and academic outcomes leading to less engagement, lower attainment, reduced confidence, increased anxiety, loneliness and behaviour issues.Children often ask:“How will I get to and from school?”“How many teachers will I have and how strict will they be?”“Will I get lost?” How will I ever know where to go?“How can I cope with all the homework?”“What about the big kids? What will they say to me? What will they do to me? Will I be bullied?”“How do I make new friends?”All schools will have a Transition Day – whereby children visit their new schools en masse and learn a bit more about their new school and its expectations and routines. For most, this day will be enough. However, for many children, those questions will rattle around in their heads and anxiety will kick in. How do we help these children?Here's one way forward...
Move & Learn with Tagtiv8
We are always looking at new ways to truly embed our Physically Active Learning (PAL) programmes into schools. To make a real impact, we need a 'Tagtiv8 Move & Learn' Champion in each school - not necessarily an experienced teacher. It's all about passion and a desire to trial new ideas, make mistakes and learn from them. Here's one school who have chosen to take a risk. The result? Smiles and more...
TT Rock Stars & Tagtiv8 - Tagtiv8
We love Times Tables Rock Stars! Who doesn’t? Every school we go to features a TT Rock Stars display board with ‘Battle of the Bands’ Leader Boards. The best part is the excitement in learning that TT Rock Stars generates – with teachers, children, as well as parents and carers.Why does this happen? It’s simple really – they make learning key facts fun. What can be better than gamifying essential numeracy skills for life?Times Tables Rock Stars & Tagtiv8 – a Shared EthosTimes Tables Rock Stars and Tagtiv8 were both formed by teachers with a passion for making a difference to the lives of children – and teachers! We are both committed to making learning fun, active and relevant. We both also feature in HundrED’s Top 100 Global education Innovations for 2019.Working & Playing with TT Rock Stars & Tagtiv8 We work and play with some or all of the children in a school – focussing on their chosen times tables. How do we do this?Using Tagtiv8 number games to generate enthusiasm for MathematicsBlending Tagtiv8 ‘move & learn’ approaches with the TT Rock Stars platformIntroducing the children & teachers to new games such as ‘Riff! Rap! Kerrang! and ‘Guitar Jumps!’Enabling teachers with skills to deliver their own ‘move & learn’ approaches for multiplicationOur ‘move & learn’ approaches engage even the most reluctant of learners and those children with a fear of Mathematics.To find out more, click here.
Creactivity with Night Zookeeper & Tagtiv8 - Tagtiv8
We love to play with others - especially when they are fellow HundrED innovators. We have been friends with Night Zookeeper for many years so any chance to work & play together has to be welcomed.Blending Tagtiv8 with Night Zookeeper means that we can 'inspire a love of reading & writing' together - with creativity & activity.What does a Creactivity Day Look Like?There is no set format – it is very much bespoke and geared towards the needs of the school and learners. Some schools bring us in for a day, while others have brought us in for a week. Some schools launch the creative collaboration with an assembly, while others celebrate with an assembly at the end of the event. Other schools skip this and just get involved with the creactivity. Children get active and collect letters to build word s during a fun game of Tagtiv8. They use these letters to create names of new magical animals to live in the Night Zoo. They develop ideas for the way their magical animals look, move and sound. Children get creative producing artwork for their very own Night Zoo! Finally, they’ll go into the digital world by setting up their Night Zookeeper accounts.To find out more, click here.
Working & Playing with Cities
When someone suggested we become ambassadors for Child Friendly Leeds, we jumped at the chance! Any organisation with the aim, ‘We’re working to bring everyone together to make Leeds a child friendly city’ has to be awesome.Child Friendly Leeds’ resolve to ‘put children and young people at the heart of a strong economy, in a compassionate city’ reminds us of a statement made by a teacher during one of our active learning training sessions in neighbouring Bradford:“We don’t do enough for our children’s hearts.”Such words are one of many reasons behind Tagtiv8’s purpose. Our aim is to get schools to think differently about the way children learn. Our approach is one of active learning, using the hashtags #sitlessmovemore and #moveandlearn to convey what we are about. Our approaches create win/win solutions for education and health.We love working with individual schools, but always welcome opportunities to work strategically across authorities - whether they be cities, towns or smaller communities. 
Physically Active Learning- Improving Performance | Bryn Llewellyn & Andy Daly-Smith | TEDxNorwichED
Tagtiv8 always welcome opportunities to share our research and ideas about Physically Active Learning (PAL) with others. So, when someone suggested we do a TEDx talk at #TEDxNorwichED, we decided to give it a go. The organisation of such an event – 450 in the audience with 27,000 live streaming – was incredible. The video and message can be seen here.It was an incredible experience - blending research with examples of PAL innovation, building on the wise words of heroes of ours, Sir Ken Robinson and Michael Rosen.
Tagtiv8 & Star Wars - May The Force Be With You
Our reputation for being pioneers of Physically Active Learning is growing and as such, we are asked to consult and contribute articles to larger organisations and campaigns. As you can imagine, we were delighted to be asked to prepare some material for 'Train Like a Jedi', the new campaign created by Public Health England & Change 4 Life - in conjunction with Lucas Film & Disney UK. After all, you don't get much bigger than Star Wars!To find out more about this great health & education campaign, click here. We have crafted some of our Tagtiv8 games to complement the Star Wars theme and encouraged children to create their own #moveandlearn content. We hope you enjoy their videos and ideas...
Sharing PAL with the BBC & the Premier League
Tagtiv8 now impacts across even more schools – with more children, more active, more often.It is great that others are coming up with their own #moveandlearn ideas and resources, now that the research is becoming more widely available. Active Learning actually works as well as plays! We were delighted to find out that the BBC and the Premier League have joined forces to create Super Movers!What is Super Movers?For those of you who are wondering “What is Super Movers?”, the platform is a new movement (pardon the pun) that combines people from the world of football, music and television to create fun, free and easy-to-follow educational videos. These videos help children to be active during lessons.Richard Scudamore, Executive Chairman of the Premier League: “We recognise the power football has to connect with young people and positively influence their lives. Super Movers will harness the reach and strength of our Clubs and the BBC to encourage children to be more active and engaged throughout their learning.”In the words of BBC Producer, Dan Gooding: “We need to work together to be a force for good.”How to get involved in Super MoversVisit the Super Movers section of the BBC website. Check out the video content.Sign Up for Free!Move & LearnShout about Super Movers to others!It’s incredible to see such influential bodies backing the ethos we have believed in all along. The key to education is working together to help understand children’s needs and discover new ways to learn and play together. We are beyond excited to be involved in Super Movers and we hope that you join us on this exciting journey too by shouting about Super Movers whenever you get the chance. To find out more, click here.
An Intergenerational Pilot - PAL Works with All Ages
At Tagtiv8, we are used to playing in classrooms, in PE halls, in MUGAs and of course in the playground. In theory, a library is not a location that we would usually consider appropriate for our active learning games.Running and jumping around does not mix well with old and sometimes delicate books and shushing librarians generally. So it’s a good job that we can adapt our games to suit the location and a completely different type of player.Recently, Tagtiv8 teamed up with LiveWellLeeds and Leeds Beckett University School of Sport to deliver a rather different active learning session. Why was it adapted? Well, Tagtiv8 are used to working with school children. However, the participants this time were slightly older than those in Key Stage 3.However, as Andy Gaunt, Headteacher at the wonderful Greengates Primary School, is keen to point out, “Tagtiv8 games really are remarkably versatile“.The aim of this session at Crossgates Library was to see how Tagtiv8 games can help older people and it seems active learning works – on many levels. “From my point of view, I felt it was a fantastic activity that addressed physical, mental and social stimulation. From a physiotherapist’s point of view, the physical activity was relevant in challenging strength and balance and therefore addresses falls risk. It was inclusive, interactive and fun. I loved it.”Mary Tyrrell Place, Proactive Care Physiotherapist“It was fantastic to see an element of competition with some individuals even jogging! And repeatedly getting up and out of their seat in quick succession – surely building their own confidence in their own functional capacity.”Dr Victoria Archbold, Senior Lecturer, Leeds Beckett UniversityIt’s proven that people with dementia are better at remembering, retaining information and happier when mentally stimulated. And Tagtiv8 ticks those boxes.The session was co-delivered with Year 3 students from LBU’s Carnegie School of Sport and Sport & Exercise Science courses, thus ensuring there was a truly inter-generational approach. Watching the communication between the students and participants was wonderful. The rapport meant that everybody left with smiles on their faces. They had tried something new – “a game that was better than scrabble” apparently!The session evolved from the 2nd YoHPAKE Symposium at Sheffield Hallam University earlier this year. If, like us, you are interested in the connections between physical activity and health, we strongly recommend that you join the Yorkshire and Humberside Physical Activity Knowledge Exchange (YoHPAKE) on Google+ Communities.
Closing the Gender Gap - PAL for Girls & Boys
At this year’s Primary Rocks Live event in Manchester, Kathryn Morgan and Hannah Wilson said: “Come and listen to Graham Andre – he’s talking about gender and equality.”Listening to Graham reminded us about how tag rugby inspired us to create our Physically Active Learning (PAL) games in the first place. When we taught in schools in Yorkshire, we encountered tag rugby for the first time via Bradford Bulls and were wowed by the way the game involved girls and boys on the same level. We are always pleased when teachers comment on the fact that our approaches engage all children, both physically and mentally. Watching children compete and collaborate during the PAL sessions, we often hear teachers say, “I didn’t know she could do that!”To find out more about Graham’s recent journey and findings, check out the BBC programme, ‘No More Girls and Boys: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?'We also urge you to check out #genderequality, #nogendertoys, #nomoreboysandgirls, #smashingstereotypes. Likewise, go to @WomenEd for inspiration, links and ideas. We also recommend you check out Caroline Ash, a wonderful Deputy Headteacher at Horton Grange Primary School in Northumberland. Look at her work with the Gender Charter and read her blog post, ‘Closing the Gender Gap’. Truly provocative and informative!In terms of sport and physical activity, check out @MiniMermaidUK and @ThisGirlCanUK, both of whom are making massive differences to the way girls think about themselves – with health benefits and more.
Hft - Supporting Adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism
Tagtiv8 have a partnership which is supporting adults with learning difficulties to secure employment. E4 Printing, based in Bradford, Yorkshire and national charity Hft have the contract with Tagtiv8 to produce our Physically Active Learning (PAL) resources. These resources are used by 60,000 children in schools across the UK and abroad.Why Yorkshire?Most of the Tagtiv8 team’s teaching experience was based in Yorkshire; so it is great that our resources are ‘Made in Yorkshire’. We have always sought to put the region on the map for education, physical activity and health. Working with Hft means we can now offer opportunities for training and employment. The partnership means that we can help boost self-esteem, while gaining valuable work experience.Bryn Llewellyn, Director of Tagtiv8:“We are passionate about addressing the growing issue of sedentary lifestyles and children growing up disinterested in Maths and English. Our unique support and resources offer schools and children the chance to combine solutions to both these issues. Like E4 and Hft, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone, and we were delighted to be able to award our production contract to this amazing organisation. The kits that they are producing offers children and young people the chance to not only enjoy physical activity, but also experience the joy of learning in a unique way.”Tom Armstrong, Business Manager at E4 Printing, part of Hft:“We were delighted to partner with Tagtiv8 and work together to deliver the school based activity kits. Once the concept of active learning had been explained, it became clear this was a project which fitted with our social improvement programme by getting kids to advance their maths and exercise skills in one session. Working with Tagtiv8 offered real value to the excellent work E4 does. We believe that everyone who wants a job deserves to have one, and we support those with learning disabilities to be supported into employment and gain new skills and boost their self-esteem. We love to work with like-minded organisations that want to make a difference to others. It is wonderful to think that the kits made here are transforming outcomes in English and Mathematics and physical outcomes for children across the UK and abroad.”
Influencing Policy & Decision Making
Tagtiv8 was founded by a teacher and school leader, but we left our traditional roles to bring about changes on a bigger scale. We make inroads by working & playing with schools, while researching the impacts of Physically Active Learning (PAL). We also seek to influence the decision makers. As members of the NAHT, we are able to propose motions at national conference.What Happened at the NAHT Annual Conference in Liverpool?This year we set about proposing a motion with Ian Holmes, Headteacher at Thorner Primary School in Leeds. With the support of the Bradford branch of the NAHT and the Executive Committee, we were able to formulate the wording:Conference notes the growing body of research showing children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information. Conference asks National Executive to signpost such research to members and to explore how schools can best be supported to make physically active learning an integral part of a school’s approach to teaching and learning.The proposal was voted on. 6% abstained but 90% agreed, meaning the motion was carried with a large majority. In other words, 9 out of 10 school leaders believe they should be signposting their colleagues towards research into PAL!What Did the Media Say?The media coverage was an interesting mix. We loved the article by Eleanor Busby in the Independent. At the other end of the scale was the Telegraph with their rather mischievous headline, ‘Let Children Run Around in Class, Headteachers Told’. Needless to say, this was not what was proposed at all. To find out more, read the blog post by Andy Daly-Smith here.Huge thanks to Simon Smith, Headteacher at East Whitby Academy for seconding the motion proposal.


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