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Want to improve learning motivation with activities and exercise?

Run, jump, learn!

Marker Helsinki, Finland
Learning by doing is an effective way of generating in-depth understanding of a subject. Run, jump, learn! provides easy ways to incorporate physical activities into teaching.

What is it all about?

“Learning can occur outside the classroom as well as through physical activity.”

Sari Kontra, teacher

Learning results are most effective when children do and experience things together. Long school days spent sitting in class are numbing and they do not provide an optimal environment for learning. The aim of this innovation is to increase movement and activity during the school day and teaching.

Increased activity has been linked not only  to improved learning outcomes, but also school satisfaction. In addition, active learning methods take different types of learners into account. 

Learning by doing and having new experiences also makes it possible to utilize versatile learning environments when teaching is taken outside the classroom, for example, to the City Hall or a newsroom.

Through activity and movement, teaching can be carried out naturally across different subjects. The following steps provide concrete ideas on how teachers can add more activity into the school day with just a few minor changes.

The innovation was inspired by the ideas of German professor Renate Zimmer, who is an advocate of exercise as a tool for learning. Some of the ideas are also in line with Finnish Schools on the Move, a current nation-wide program. 

For an overview of the innovation, watch Sari Kontra's keynote at TedXOtaniemi.


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Intended Outcomes
7 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
No specific resources are needed
HundrED Criteria
The innovation combines acknowledging different types of learners, student participation and active learning methods in an easily implementable way.
Small changes in everyday school life can improve learning motivation, increase physical activity during the school day and improve learning outcomes for different types of learners.
Applying active(-based) learning methods and the students' interests is possible without any specific resources

See this innovation in action.

“WOW! Love the way that Finland is leading the way with #moveandlearn approaches. It would be great to connect and dis...”
Bryn Llewellyn


Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Keep it simple
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Get inspired
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Be creative
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Make use of the students’ interests
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Observe your own everyday life
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Explore the school environment with new eyes
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