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A plan for improving cooperation between school and youth work

Youth Work at Schools

Marker Rovaniemi, Finland
This plan of action will bring school and youth services closer together. The aim is to foster a sense of community, enable participation, and facilitate early intervention.

What is it all about?

“This model improves cooperation between schools and youth services and therefore it makes it possible to improve youth wellbeing as a whole.”

Nina Ekonoja, Youth services in Rovaniemi, Finland

Youth Work at Schools strides to support youth development at different stages of young people's lives. The ultimate goal is to give young people the feeling that they are not alone and that support is available to help them through whatever difficulties they are experiencing. Youth wellbeing is best supported when schools and youth work professionals work together towards a common goal.

Youth work aims to support youth development in various ways. While regular youth work is mostly conducted during young people's leisure time, Youth Work at Schools supports youth development at school. This regular youth work can be seen in youth spaces or various youth clubs.

This model aims to usher young people into active citizenship and simultaneously to increase wellbeing. Three approaches are crucial in achieving these goals:   

  • Fostering a sense of community. 

  • Improving participation, motivating and activating the students.

  • Preventative     work and early intervention.

Youth Work at Schools translates these approaches into practical methods you may employ at your school.

The school and department of youth work will define and document their selected methods and goals in a shared plan. The purpose of the plan is to improve the collaboration between the main actors in the education field – that is the school and the youth services. The successful implementation of this innovation requires commitment from various actors, including the management.

Youth Work at Schools is based on a model originating from Rovaniemi where youth workers collaborate closely with the schools. Youth Work at Schools forms a section of the youth work conducted in the area. Therefore youth workers can be found in schools in addition to more traditional youth spaces.

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Intended Outcomes
7 - 16
Age Group
Resources Needed
Time outside traditional classes, personnel from youth work and the schools.
HundrED Criteria
Bringing youth work into schools will facilitate multiprofessional cooperation which in turn will benefit the teachers, the youth workers as well as the students themselves.
Detecting youth problems earlier and addressing them during these sessions.
All over the world there are students who would benefit from the specialist support of a youth work team. If a youth worker is unavailable in your area, cooperation with third sector parties is also possible.

See this innovation in action.


Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Define the needs at your school
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How to get started
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How to create a joint plan
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The implementation
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Assessing the plan during and after the implementation
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Nina Ekonoja
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