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Creating brighter, healthier and happier children through activity


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imoves - - is a teacher-led digital platform designed to promote, encourage and assist teachers to integrate active learning into everyday lessons. Whether it's PE, Maths, Science, English or even improving mental well-being; you'll find over 2,000 supportive lesson plans with movies, music and much more means every lesson can be an active lesson!
Louise Jones, Head Teacher, Royd Nursery and Infant School
We’ve seen a dramatic difference in children’s attitude to learning and concentration, not only in PE but across all subjects

Louise Jones, Head Teacher, Royd Nursery and Infant School


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Updated on April 4th, 2022
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What is imoves?

Did you know that children are now the least active they've ever been?  But, 'don't they love to be active?'  

An ideal place to get children active is in school but many teachers don't feel equipped to make lessons more active or deliver PE confidently. Activity not only makes children healthier it also improves academic attainment, by adding an additional year of progress over their primary school life, improves behaviour and makes them happier!  

How do we enable schools to become more active as part of the school day?  

Why we do it?

We believe that EVERY child deserves a brighter, healthier, happier future so we're on a mission to create a global movement which gets every child active every day. 

Teachers can help their pupils to excel academically, improve their physical health and mental well-being just by getting their children more active every day! Within just two weeks of implementing the imoves programme, schools have noticed a significant change in pupils’ behaviour within the classroom. 

What we do?

imoves is the only evidence-based programme which creates brighter, healthier and happier learners by getting them more active as part of the school day.  

The interactive online platform introduces activity into lessons across the school with an easy-to-use approach supporting teachers every step of the way. Simply log-in, choose a lesson from the extensive library of over 2,000 curriculum-based lesson plans ranging from 2-minutes to an entire lesson. Launch the website onto an interactive whiteboard and you’re all set to deliver the active lesson with the assistance of imoves supporting resources (including videos, music, flashcards etc).

The online platform is designed to show schools how easy it really is to get kids moving to boost academic performance as well as improve behavior and well-being. It’s not about simply providing lesson plans for PE; it’s about getting kids learning across the curriculum using movement and active learning techniques in any classroom, without disrupting a teacher’s day.  

imoves has a wide variety of active lesson styles ranging from: 

  • Active learning resources and brain break active blasts to build activity into every lesson, from literacy and phonics, to science and math's.
  • Mental health & wellbeing resources to build a growth mindset, increase resilience, confidence & mindfulness and reduce anxiety.
  • PE and dance resources to make it easy for every teacher to confidently teach Dance, Gymnastics and much more, whatever your background or ability.  

Alongside the fully immersive lesson content, imoves offers schools an array of supporting features including: 

  • Comprehensive range of CPD webinar from getting a classroom more active; to supporting well-being; to confidently deliver physical education.  
  • Activity review tool so teachers and the SLT can understand when the children are being active and when they aren't  
  • Roll-out workshop materials to up-skill the staff and build confidence in becoming more active
  • Active assembly to introduce the benefits of activity to the children and set expectations
  • Materials for an activity forum where the children can input into the programme;


The UK-based National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine at Sheffield Hallam University undertook an independent evaluation of imoves. The purpose of the project was to evaluate the impact of the imoves programme on primary school pupils’ physical activity, well-being, behaviour, as well as investigating how the programme impacted teacher confidence and knowledge to teach active lessons.

The key highlight was the overall positive effect on the activity, Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA), and sedentary behaviour for pupils, with the largest impact being that imoves enabled the previously least active pupils to become just as active as most active pupils. This is a really significant highlight as a key objective for schools should be that ‘ALL’ children are active, with this report demonstrating that imoves helps schools to achieve exactly that by bringing all children's activity levels in line with one another. 

The report concluded that the imoves programme was found to be viewed favourably by both pupils and teachers, stating that the resources were ‘fun, engaging, made learning easier, created a nice environment to teach in and excited pupils to come to school.’ 

The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine concluded ‘ is recommended that schools seek to utilise active lessons and the imoves programme due to the current evidence and positive benefits that occur as a result of being active during curriculum time.’  


Achievements & Awards

April 2022
Finalist for Education Resource Awards
April 2022
Finalist for Bett Awards 2022
March 2020
Finalist for Education Resource Awards
January 2020
Highly Commended Award for 'Best Whole School Aid for Learning, Teaching and Assessment'
January 2019
Won Bett Award for 'Best Whole School Aid for Learning, Teaching and Assessment'
November 2018
Recommendation from NSCEM for use in all schools
March 2018
Won ActiveLab as most innovative small tech company getting UK active

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