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Politicians Addressing Students

Governments hold press conferences on Coronavirus exclusively for children.

Press conferences for children were held by Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg and Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern to answer the questions and concerns of children during this uncertain time.

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April 2020

About the innovation

How to Talk About the Coronavirus with Children?

Discussing the Coronavirus can be scary, this is especially true for children. Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg addresses the children of Norway in a 30 minute press conference dedicated to them. She states “I know that for many children this is scary, it is ok to be scared when so many things happen at the same time.”

During the press conference, she addresses the concerns and questions of children and acknowledges their fears, uncertainty and anxiousness. Questions like “How long will it take to develop a vaccine?”, “Why am I not allowed to celebrate my birthday?” & “Would schools really only be closed for two weeks or would it be longer?”.

Ms. Erna Solberg, discussed Coronavirus in an honest and authentic way, allowing children to be part of the conversation and therefore the solution.


In another part of the world, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, was holding a similar type of press conference for children,she states: “Kids ask a lot of questions most of the time, and right now they understandably have plenty about Covid-19, I hope it will be a useful resource to help answer some of the questions from the young people in your life.”


Both politicians are role models for teachers & parents alike who are having conversations concerning the pandemic with their children and students.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Discussing the Coronavirus with children is not an easy task, as adults, we are unsure and uncertain about what to say and how long this type of nationwide shutdown will last. These inspiring Prime Ministers, act as role models to encourage us all to have an open and honest discussion with our children.

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