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Broadcasting Nationwide

Ensuring Quality Education for All at Scale

Countries and organisations around the world are using their resources and reach to ensure that quality education for all is being met while taking into account the different needs and resources accessible to each child & young person. The following solutions have partnered with a nationwide organisation to share educational resources accessible to all students.

Covid-19 solutions


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Quality Education for all during Covid-19





April 2020

About the innovation

Countries & Organisations Leading the Way by Implementing At Scale

Governments and organisations around the world are finding innovative ways to ensure that quality education for all students is being met, regardless of their access to technology and living situation. From a news channel in China that airs educational lessons, a radio shows in Kenya & Pakistan accessing children in remote locations India, where cellphones are used to connect with parents to Ukraine where they are live-streaming video lessons from volunteer teachers on Youtube. These bold ideas are here to inspire Ministries of Educations and organisations with a large reach. 

 CCTV’s China Education Television 

In China, they started an all-day TV broadcasts of state-approved lessons in math, language, English, art and physical education. The idea was to help ensure that education was being delivered to as many students as possible, as well as an alternative  for schools that did not have the means for online education. 


A student in Beijing watches a class online. Many students in rural areas lack the equipment or connections to do the same. Credit...Roman Pilipey/EPA, via Shutterstock

Retrieved from: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/17/technology/china-schools-coronavirus.html

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation 

The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) sent out a timetable immediately once children were sent home. This timetable has been used in many homes to help children study. It is one of the best solutions as it helps those in rural areas with no internet access or the students in households without a television set. The classes are on KBC Radio, making them accessible to most households in the country. KBC is a state corporation meaning it has a wider reach than most media stations, covering all parts of Kenya. Radio learning is a system that took place in Kenya way before the internet and before every household had a TV, it is a system that was used in schools as well. This has been easy to pick up because some parents come from the era of radio learning.

Broad Class- Listen to Learn  

POWER99 Foundation, in collaboration with its partner organisation, The Communicators (Pvt.) Limited having a network of FM radios in Pakistan, is launching “Broad Class – Listen to Learn” Parahi Caro-Na, a distance learning initiative for children to ensure continuity of educational processes at home during coronavirus pandemic.



Triplet is an organisation based in Finland  and associated with Yle, Finland's public broadcasting network. Triplet changes three news articles  into education material for students and teachers – every day. Designed for mobile and desktop use, Triplet makes it easy to discuss the daily news in the classroom.

Screenshot 2020-04-01 08.56.11.png

Dost Education

Dost Education empowers aspiring middle-income parents in India to improve their child’s early development and school success. Through widely available mobile technology, Dost, which means “friend” in Hindi, delivers local language curriculum and a communication platform to arm parents with the knowledge and resources they crave.

Dost Education .jpg

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

With support from government and civil society, in record time, 40 volunteer teachers from Kyiv recorded video lessons in their discipline for grades 5 to 11. These video-lessons will be broadcasted from 6 April in the morning, during usual “school time” on 10 national TV channels and live-streamed on the Youtube channel of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.



Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

The following examples of implementation at scale have been selected to highlight the amazing work of these organisations and governments to deliver educational content to students regardless of their resources & context. These bold ideas are meant to inspire Ministries of Education and large organisations to join forces with educational content providers to offer easily accessible solutions.

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