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An active learning path for meaningful math

Paths to Math

Marker Helsinki, Finland
Paths to Math is an electronic learning path for math that provides ready-to-use learning materials and a lesson plan for ages 11-16. Students' mathematical thinking skills improve and the attitudes towards math become more positive.

What is it all about?

“The attitudes of teachers and students towards math and problem solving have become positive. Math can be fun, but also relevant to everyday life, and not just learning things off by heart.”

Maarit Rossi, Teacher, Founder and CEO

Math helps people understand the surrounding world. It allows you to look at multiple phenomena and solve many everyday life problems.

Studying math is, at its best, student-centered and focused solving problems together in a group. Learning mathematical skills, such as problem-solving and communication skills, is as important as learning the new study material. Students should be encouraged to find different solutions to a problem and thereby develop their mathematical thinking.

Paths to Math is an e-learning path that provides a wide range of topics that enable students to apply their mathematical knowledge. Exercises use active and social learning and combine multiple subjects. Students both practise and apply what they have learned.

Paths to Math encourages students to work in groups. Working collaboratively helps students speak in mathematical terms, they can debate the results and look at a problem from different perspectives.

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Intended Outcomes
Target Group
Resources Needed
Internet access, costs approximately €6 per student.
HundrED Criteria
The accumulation of mathematical understanding illustrates how everyone can learn math and enjoy mathematical problem solving.
Students’ attitude towards math becomes more positive and math can even become their favorite subject at school.
The lack of interest and the negative attitudes of students towards math are an international problem.

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Initial overview
Hand out pieces of paper and asked to draw a typical math lesson on it in twenty minutes.
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Free lesson trial
The Paths to Math service is subject to a fee, but by signing up on the website, you can try out a four-part unit for free, which provides tools for developing teaching math.
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Registering for Paths to Math
There are nine modules on the Paths to Math website:
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Maarit Rossi
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