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A learning environment for well-being

Sports, Science & Health Lab

Marker Jyväskylä, Finland
This innovation introduces a space designed for well-being and learning. The space facilitates physical activity and provides different devices to acquire physiological measurements, as well. These measurements can be used in different subjects.

What is it all about?

“Personalizing education by measuring the individual's physiology increases motivation and allows students to see the big picture.”

Tuulevi Piesanen, physical education and health education teacher

Nowadays high school students are under a lot of stress. They must navigate new academic challenges, a hectic curriculum and pressures to meet deadlines. Maintaining student well-being, both mental and physical, is more important than ever.

Schools must develop self-sufficient students who make good lifestyle choices. This allows students to transfer these skills into their everyday lives and nurture their health.

Sports, Science and Health LAB founded in Schildt Upper Secondary School is a functional and motivating space that encourages physical activity. The school has filled the space with equipment that support learning. The space includes a gym built in the hallway in the main floor and a multipurpose room. The multipurpose room also connects to a relaxation room.

The space encourages awareness and knowledge on health, performance and well-being.

Various equipment support learning: blood pressure monitors, a spirometer, heart rate monitors, stethoscopes and photoelectric cell equipment. The learning environment and measuring equipment enable action-based learning. The measuring equipment connects the learning contents to the students lives.

The body analytics are used during lessons, for example math and physics classes. Students gain a personalized education but also agency over their health and well-being.

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Intended Outcomes
16 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
E.g. Equipment for photoelectric cells and light mats, heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, stethoscopes, dance pads and computers, balance pads, exercise bars, resistance bands, fleece blankets.
HundrED Criteria
Combining participation, learning healthy lifestyle habits and teaching through personal interests.
Students gain agency over their well-being and education which translates into commitment.
Health is a universal theme.

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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Designing and creating the learning environment
Choose a space in your school that could be transformed into a motivating and malleable learning environment. Plan what type of equipment you would like to acquire.
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Acquiring the equipment
Find out the resources available for the project. Before anything else, plan the essential equipment acquirements with other teachers.
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Using the space during lessons
Incorporate the modified space and new equipment into day-to-day teaching in imaginative ways. Lead other teachers by example.
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Motivating students to use the space and equipment
You can foster self-directing students by encouraging them to use the space and equipment independently.
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