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Goniter Jhuli by Banglar Math

Math is fun with us

Banglar Math is a start-up focused on providing quality mathematics learning resources in Bangla for learners of all ages in fun and engaging ways. We aim to develop a competency-based, accessible mathematics learning platform. To achieve this, we have developed Goniter Jhuli- a comprehensive set of teaching materials, games, and learning kits that appease the needs of both educators and students.



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Target group
Students lower
May 2023
Competency-based education and blended learning are both new to our educational system. But there is no alternative to these, because of the rapid technological change. We hope one day all students in Bangladesh will use our kit boxes to understand math with fun and without fear.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Math anxiety is caused by rigid lecture-based education systems, a lack of tailored teaching materials, and inefficient assessment methods. Incremental learning gaps in mathematical knowledge can have an exponential impact on a student's understanding over time. By addressing these issues, we can help reduce math anxiety and create a more inclusive learning environment for students.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Banglar Math uses a blended learning approach named "Math Olympiad Technique" to reduce math fear and promote competency-based learning. The Math Olympiad Technique is a competency-based mathematics learning approach using "Mathematics Learning Kits," developed and reimagined by the founders of Banglar Math, who are actively involved with the Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee and have worked closely with the government as math consultants. This technique has been implemented in 66,000 government primary schools in Bangladesh after a successful pilot. Banglar Math develops teaching-learning materials, kits, games, and puzzles for students aged 6–18 years and compiles them into a Mathematics Learning Kitbox named "Goniter Jhuli" (Sack of Math), and offer offline and online workshops for students in grades 1–8 to learn and practice math using these kits. The goal is to provide accessible and enjoyable ways to understand mathematical concepts using kits, games and puzzles.

How has it been spreading?

Since starting Banglar Math in 2021, we have held capacity-building workshops for secondary school teachers and several online and offline workshops for students and job seekers. Our recently published book, Gonit Bojhar Hatekhori (Art of Learning Math), became a best-seller in the primary category in the local industry-leading online bookstore, rokomari.com. We have touched over 100,000 individuals through our activities so far, and we have helped almost 1,000 people.
In the next 2-3 years, the focus will be on expanding reach and impact through a series of innovative mathematics learning kit boxes, collaboration with local and international institutions, and the introduction of segmented online courses. We aim to strengthen student mentoring programs and empower diverse learners.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

At present, we are offering an institution affiliation program, where we exchange our learning with educators and conduct Math Camps in institutions so that both the teachers and students can understand the necessity of our math learning kits.
Besides, our student mentoring program, "Art of Learning Math," is going on for students aged between 8 and 14 years old. We hope to release an app soon.

Implementation steps

Get a Kitbox/ App Subscription
At first, the user needs to buy our kit box or subscribe to our mobile app. We are developing topic-wise kit boxes. As a result, the subscription will be topical as well. A learner who purchases a kit box will also get access to digital contents.
Reading the story book/ Learning video
The storybook is based on three characters: Mitu, Shanto, and Onko Mama. The learning journey of a student starts with these books. In this journey, the character faces many challenges or contexts where they solve different problems to get something done.
The user will read the book and use the kits to overcome the problems accordingly.
Going step by step
Jumping to next level is not possible for a learner without solving the pervious problem the character are trying to solve.
Completion of Topic wise story book
After successful completion of a topic-wise storybook, the learner will get a QR code to log into a large sets problem bank where different challenges are waiting for her or him to solve! That is how she or he will complete the journey on each topic.
Life time subscription for App
A learner may need to buy each box separately, but she or he will get access to the app using a code given in each box. Also, a lifetime subscription option to the app's contents will be available.

Spread of the innovation

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