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Tim Huang
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Unlocking the potential of our world's vulnerable children

OneSky for all children

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OneSky trains communities and caregivers through an innovative blended learning approach to provide nurturing responsive care and quality early education, unlocking the potential in vulnerable young children across China, Vietnam, and Mongolia.
We see the potential in every child — real potential that’s worth real investment — and we show adults that they have the power to make a difference starting in a child's formative early years.

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Updated on October 14th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Neuroscience has shown us that during the formative early years, the brain is developing at lightning speed — and the quality of care and education in that critical period shapes the trajectory of a child’s future. Yet across Asia, an estimated 58 million children under five are at risk of not reaching their full developmental potential.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Over the last two decades, we have developed an evidence-based approach to train the adult caregivers in a vulnerable child's life (early educators, child welfare workers, childcare providers, parents, family members, and more) to provide high-quality early childhood care and education. The OneSky approach is inspired by Reggio Emilia's child-centered principles, globally informed by developmental science, and locally adapted for low-resource settings. OneSky’s curriculum empowers caregivers to establish a responsive relationship to the child, create safe and nurturing learning environments, promote play and discovery, and cultivate holistic child development as a lifelong foundation to thrive. Our blended learning approach includes classroom training, hands-on mentoring by early childhood specialists, and continuing education through 1BigFamily, our mobile-friendly online learning community platform which has been especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How has it been spreading?

OneSky was founded in 1998 to improve the lives of vulnerable children in China’s welfare institutions. In 2011, China's Ministry of Civil Affairs and OneSky launched a groundbreaking partnership to train every child welfare worker in the country. OneSky’s approach has since become the national standard of care across institutions and has reached every province in China. OneSky has learned from over two decades of work that the needs of young children are universal. Today, OneSky’s programs have expanded to train caregivers of marginalized children across China’s rural villages, Vietnam’s industrial zones, and Mongolia’s urban informal settlements. To date, we have trained 62,843 caregivers to transform the lives of 225,643 children across Asia.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

OneSky is committed to systemic change and has worked, always in close partnership with communities and government, to advance the quality of early care and education for the vulnerable children we serve. We adapt our approach to the local context, demonstrate its impact, and build the capacity of partner organizations and governments for scale. Please contact us to learn more.


HundrED Academy Review

OneSky's system-level approach to the problem of childcare - by tackling the lack of resources and training for mothers and caregivers - makes this a high score on my impact scale, as it's not just helping one target user group but also its most directly adjacent one.

- HundrED Academy Member

This innovation is an effective response to the impact on children that have structural imbalances in social and economic policies. Training of caregivers and care provision is crucial to the ultimate development of children in such situations.

- HundrED Academy Member
The importance of community involvement in Early Childhood Education is crucial. OneSky facilitates this by training caregivers from the community who can provide quality education to the children. This model ensures sustainability and a positive mindset on ECE in the community.
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High Impact
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OneSky cited in the Tackling Childcare Vietnam report by IFC, World Bank
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Achievements & Awards

September 2021
Teachers for a Changing World
September 2021
Parental Engagement
December 2020
Harvard evaluation validates the positive impact of OneSky's program in Vietnam
February 2020
OneSky shortlisted in Top 100 of the MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change Competition
December 2019
OneSky's approach is recognized as noteworthy practice by the Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood (ARNEC)
September 2019
OneSky is awarded MIT Solve Early Childhood Development Prize and Innovation for Women Prize
June 2011
China's Ministry of Civil Affairs and OneSky launch a national partnership to train every child welfare worker in the country
March 2008
Jenny Bowen, Founder of OneSky, receives the Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship
November 1998
OneSky (formerly Half the Sky Foundation) is founded

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