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Jenny Bowen

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Unlocking every child's potential

OneSky for all children

Da Nang, Vietnam
OneSky teaches communities and caregivers to provide nurturing responsive care and early education that unlocks the vast potential hidden in our world’s most vulnerable young children.

Children are born wired for love.

“We are determined to see the day when every child has a chance at a bright future.”

Jenny Bowen, Founder and CEO

Science has taught us that without love, a child cannot thrive. The early years, while the brain is developing at lightning speed, determine much about a child’s future. Young children who must live without the consistent care of a loving adult will suffer physical, cognitive and emotional damage that can last a lifetime.

OneSky believes that every child deserves to have full access to nurturing care and quality early education, and over the past 20 years, we have developed an easy-to-replicate approach to early learning and responsive care.

OneSky trains adults who work with vulnerable children how to offer every child the kind of consistent nurturing interaction and stimulation all children need. Our approach is being applied in Chinese orphanages and rural villages, day nurseries in Mongolia, and, as highlighted below, Vietnamese home-based childcare centers.

Our approach is based on four essential elements:

Responsive Care
When adults use responsive care to observe and identify a child's needs and interests, and then provides activities that are interactive and appropriate for the child's age and stage of development, the child learns to trust the adults in his or her lives—and this trust supports exploration that promotes growth in physical, social/emotional, cognitive and language development.

Trained Adults
Trained caregivers provide not just an early education, but also offer consistent nurturing, responsive care young children need for healthy development. We offer multiple training opportunities including classroom training, mentoring by early childhood professionals both on-site and at a distance, and opportunities to expand learning through distance learning experiences. 

Nurturing & Safe Learning Environments
A learning environment is everything that affects children’s learning, from the design of the physical classroom to noise levels to organized activities, and—of primary importance—relationships with peers, caregivers, and family. Our learning environments are a place of safety, trust, and comfort so every child may have the confidence to create, explore, discover, and engage.

Supportive & Collaborative Local Partners
We are committed to systemic social change and have worked, always in partnership with government, to develop low-cost, replicable early childhood care and education models to benefit young children at risk, and build local capacity by training and mentoring communities, teachers, and caregivers as they take the models to scale. Our partners are critical to develop, scale, and sustain the conditions that promote our program success.

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Applying OneSky's Approach in Vietnam

As industrial zones across Vietnam develop rapidly, families are increasingly migrating from rural communities to cities for work. Migrant workers with young children face a number of obstacles in obtaining childcare, including lack of extended family support, lack of residential status, overcrowding, and the high cost of government daycare facilities. As a result, their children are often left in substandard "home-based daycare centers" operated by untrained providers.

In response to the growing need for quality early childhood care options in Vietnam's industrial zones, OneSky launched our program for children of factory workers in Da Nang in September 2017. The program focuses on training home-based day care providers how to offer every child the kind of consistent nurturing interaction and stimulation all they need to thrive.

In order to provide a hub for our training program, OneSky also launched an Early Learning Center (ELC) in Da Nang which offers safe and nurturing daily care to 250 children of factory workers, provides parenting skills training to 350 local parents, continuously trains the 54 teachers who work onsite, and is the demonstration site for our care provider training program. Perhaps most importantly, the ELC also serves as the model of best practices in early childhood care and education for our government partners and is the training hub for OneSky's programs nationally.

In 2018, OneSky was invited to present at two national conferences on Early Childhood Care and Education put on by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET). The two events reached government officials, policymakers, administrators, teachers, and early childhood education practitioners. After the presentations, MOET brought delegations from 36 provinces to the ELC to observe the OneSky approach in action. 

MOET has been closely monitoring our overall project, and formally requested that OneSky scale our Factory Model to 19 additional provinces. According to MOET statistics, there are currently 921,000 children ages 0-6 living in or near the industrial zones in these 19 provinces. 

This year, OneSky training is being scaled in Da Nang and to two additional provinces. To date, 320 home-based providers have been trained, reaching 9,280 children. 

Our goal is to ultimately reach approximately 400,000 children whose parents work in factories across Vietnam.

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187 564
Tips for implementation
Our approach is proven to be relevant and adaptable in a variety of contexts and for a variety of groups throughout Asia. Our training programs for adults are designed for varying literacy levels, languages, and cultural norms to meet the differing needs of the trainee/learner.
Contact information
Jenny Bowen

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