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Parental Engagement

The Parental Engagement Spotlight is a collection of the most impactful and scalable programs creating stronger school/family bonds from around the world. We're thrilled to announce the 12 Selected Innovators.
The Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institution, The Teachers Guild, Kidsburg

Scalable approaches to parental engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant disruptions to schools around the world, impacting learning  for more than 1.5 billion students. One unexpected result of the pandemic is a growing connection between parents and schools. And that deeper understanding on both sides has been a huge benefit to young learners. Strong and equal partnerships between parents and schools is essential for student success.

After exploring nearly 200 different parental engagement efforts in 49 countries, the resulting list includes a wide range of approaches -- from educational playgroups and programs celebrating language diversity to community-based parent support groups and a program that promotes healthy child-parent attachment.


The Parental Engagement Spotlight Report is a collection of the most impactful and scalable programs creating stronger school/family bonds

In February of 2021 HundrED launched a call for solutions working to foster a deeper connection between schools and families. This initiative was developed as part of the global Parents as Allies research initiative, which focuses on how the partnerships between schools and parents around the world are functioning and how innovations popping up in one part of the world can be adapted to support students elsewhere.

Parents as Allies brings together four organizations — the Center for Universal Education at the Brookings Institution, the Teachers Guild x School Retool team at the groundbreaking design firm IDEO, the Pittsburgh-based, family-focused media outlet Kidsburgh, and HundrED. As promising new strategies crop up, these ideas are synthesized and shared in reports like the HundrED Spotlight, in order to help build stronger school-family and teacher-parent partnerships worldwide.




Spotlight: Parental Engagement

Engaging parents and families to help make education more aligned with innovative pedagogy is critical if change efforts to education are to be sustained. Therefore, building trusting relationships and confidence among parents to participate in the education process is essential. 

This Spotlight project aims to identify and promote impactful and scalable solutions that support the engagement of parents with their child’s education. This project is a collaboration between HundrED, Kidsburgh, the Center for Universal Education (CUE) at Brookings, and IDEO with financial support provided by The Grable Foundation.

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Explore education innovations recognized by HundrED as well as innovations from shared by the education community across the world.
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Dost Education
Dost Education is an EdTech nonprofit focusing on early learning and responsive caregiving. Through simple 1-minute audio messages delivered via phone calls, Dost supports caregivers in creating a sti
Ribbon HUNDRED 2019
Science shows our children's first five years of life are when they develop the foundation for lifelong learning. Every time we connect with young children, it's not just their eyes that light up--it'
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Sakha Esthu - Parent Support Programme
A collaborative project between UNICEF, Nelson Mandela University, The Department of Health & Early Inspiration, gave rise to parent support group across the city under the name, Sakha Esethu. This c
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Village TEACH
Village TEACH is a rigorously evaluated program that empowers parents in rural Uganda to improve the quality of education at their child's school.
Amidst the pandemic, only virtual learning is not a practical solution for equitable education in low-income communities. Learning centers complement digital learning by providing space for students t
Parents can find it hard to be the best parent they want to be. Being busy, tired and short of activity ideas brings a sense of worry around their child having the best start in life. Our solution, a
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022 brings together hundreds of resources in special education & rehabilitation for parents & caregivers to help children with intellectual or developmental disabilities have a meaningful lif
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Language Explorers
Language Explorers is Mother Tongues’ award-winning language awareness initiative for primary schools. Language Explorers activities are designed to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the clas
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
OneSky for all children
OneSky partners with communities to provide quality responsive care and early education training so vulnerable children can thrive. For over two decades, OneSky has worked with governments to transfor
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Semillas de Apego
Semillas de Apego is a group-based psychosocial program for caregivers with children in their early childhood, that promotes healthy child-parent attachments as a pathway for a proper development amon
Ribbon HUNDRED 2022
Learn To Play - Ithute Go Tshameka
Learn to Play harnesses the power of play to provide high-quality and culturally-relevant early childhood education. We train and equip motivated Mamapreneurs to lead playgroups in their communities.
Strong and equal partnership between parents and schools is essential for student success, but it is often not successfully established and maintained in the case of families with low socio-economic s
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The Parental Engagement Report Brings News of the Growing Bond Between Schools & Families Worldwide

The Parental Engagement Spotlight Report from HundrED explores the importance of a strong bond between schools and families and the powerful impact it can have on educational outcomes for millions of children. The report highlights a dozen programs from around the world that are fostering parental engagement in creative ways.

About Parental Engagement

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