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Bebbo Parenting App

Supporting the first teachers for better child outcomes

Bebbo, UNICEF's open-source app, provides parents with comprehensive, evidence-based guidance in their local language to develop their child's potential from birth through early childhood. Already benefiting over one million parents in 14 countries, this app equips parents with a wealth of resources, including activities, developmental milestones, to meet the diverse needs of young learners.


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March 2024
Bebbo plays an important role in facilitating early learning at home by empowering parents with knowledge and tools for early learning. Through its evidence-based guidance, Bebbo aims to increase parents' understanding of interactive, play-based learning. The app provides developmentally-appropriate games and activities parents can easily do with young children and prepare them for school.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Bebbo was developed to help parents give children the best start in life, backed up by the science of young child development. The app was created during COVID-19 to address the lack of accessible, high-quality parenting support and guidance in local languages.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Bebbo is a mobile parenting app with comprehensive, evidence-based content in local languages covering topics such as child development, early learning, health, nutrition, and safety. It offers tailored information and interactive tools to help parents track their child's development, record health check-ups, and access guidance on nurturing care. With more than 260 games and numerous ideas for learning through play, Bebbo is designed to be user-friendly and accessible offline, making it suitable for use in low-resource settings.

How has it been spreading?

Each country version of the Bebbo parenting app is launched in partnerships with governments and national organizations, with efforts to integrate the app into existing parenting programmes, education and health services, ensuring that parents everywhere gain access to valuable localized content. It is currently available in English and other local languages in 14 countries and has been downloaded over one million times, with positive feedback from users highlighting its transformative impact on parenting practices, including reading aloud and learning how to play with infants.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Click on one of the links below and start your journey with the Bebbo Parenting App:
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Spread of the innovation

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