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Empowering global kids to help solve global problems, one idea at a time

Kids Can! Innovation Camp

Marker Manila, Philippines
At the heart of “Kids Can! Innovation Camp” is the goal of involving, engaging & providing children the opportunity to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, & active agents of change. The journey towards the goal starts with empathy. The project integrates: Sustainable Development Goals, E+STEAM (Empathy+STEAM), design-thinking & ​passion-based learning.

Because Kids Can!

“The best innovations and solutions to the global problems we are witnessing might come from the hands of curious and passionate kids tinkering in the corners of the school or in their homes. Empower kids to be agents of change to the world. ”

Francis Jim Tuscano, Founder

We often underestimate the young people. We leave the big global problems to adults, disregarding the innate curiosity that drives the young people to understand the world. Our schools are all about learning what is in the book and seldom about learning in and from the world, where we live in.

In response to this, in June 2017, the Kids Can! Innovation Camp was launched in Xavier School - San Juan, Manila, Philippines in the small makeshift makerspace in the grade school. From an inter-after-school-club synergy, the Innovation Camp has become a global collaboration project supported by a global team of educators, who also took the challenge of translating the camp framework into languages such as Polish, Malaysia, Korean, Viet, and Filipino among others.

Big Ideas of Kids Can! Innovation Camp

  1. The Kids Can! Innovation Camp seeks to provide grade school-middle school students the opportunity to become critical thinkers, creative problem-solvers, and active agents of change. In order to do this, Kids Can! Project brings in the United Nations Global Goals or the Sustainability Development Goals of 2030 as a guiding tool for the children. 
  2. The project framework brings design-thinking into the level of the students. 
  3. The project is passion-based learning. This project also acknowledges the passion of students in creating products. Students will bank on their passion, talents, skills (individual and collaborative) as they participate in creating solutions for the problems they are working on.
  4. The project aims to help kids come up with different and genuine solutions. The kind and nature of solutions that the students can create depends on the nature of the problem they have identified. Hence, possible solutions may include but not limited to: Making or inventing ,  Information and advocacy campaigns, Call to action through service , and Philanthropy.

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Intended Outcomes
9 - 15
Age Group
Resources Needed
Kids Can Innovation Camp framework is available in English and a few more languages from the international translation volunteers. As of June 2018, the Innovation Camp Framework and resources has been translated Vietnamese, Korean, Polish, Bahasa Melayu, and Filipino. Visit: http://globalinnovationcamp.com for the resources (framework, worksheets, and presentations)

See this innovation in action.

Kids Can Innovation Camp at Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines
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Familiarization to the Kids Can Innovation Camp Framework
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Create your Innovation Camp Team
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Plan out the schedule of the Innovation Camp
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Run the Kids Can Innovation Camp
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Check out the International Translations of Kids Can!
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Register and Join the Global Kids Can! Innovation Camp
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