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Spotlight 2018

Our Sustainability Spotlight celebrates impactful and scalable innovations in sustainability education. Discover the 10 innovations that are pushing the boundaries of sustainability education and be inspired to do something similar where you are! The Sustainability Spotlight is in partnership with MUSE School.

Together with MUSE School


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Spotlight on Sustainability


Explore education innovations recognized by HundrED as well as innovations from shared by the education community across the world.


Sustainability Spotlight with MUSE School Launches Today
After nine months of research, we’re ready to celebrate the ten selected innovations at the Sustainability Summit, which launches this evening at MUSE School.
Sustainability Spotlight Summit Program Announced: Register To Join Us Now!
The program for the Sustainability Spotlight Summit has been announced! Don't miss out on the chance to see these inspiring speakers, meet the selected innovations, and hear our sustainability report
16.10.2018 Lauren Wilson
community article
HundrED & Muse School Ready To Shine A Spotlight On Sustainability In Education
We're gearing up to celebrate the incredible things happening in sustainability in education. At the upcoming Sustainability Summit in Calabasas, California, we'll be releasing the findings of our ina
26.9.2018 Lauren Wilson
HundrED Partners with MUSE School To Spotlight 10 Of The Brightest Sustainability Innovations In K12
We're thrilled to be partnering with MUSE School to discover ten of the brightest sustainability innovations in K12 education!
4 Ways To Bring Sustainability Into School
Creating a sustainable world is vital, so we need to make sure it's a topic covered in education. There are magnificent schools and projects across the world who are already doing this, so here’s four
Nature vs Tech - The Battle For The New Classroom
Why do we still force children to sit in rows facing the whiteboard, when few of us believe this actually stimulates learning? Part of this could be due to our belief that learning should be serious w
20.10.2016 Josephine Lister