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Curiosity can take you to unimaginable places

Fundación Mustakis

We deliver transformative opportunities and experiences that lead you to discover your greatness and develop your enormous potential. We seek to be a platform that awakens dreams and contributes to people's learning, building a human universe with a vision of the future, based on creativity, joy and beauty.

What is Fundación Mustakis?

George Anastassiou, President
“We deeply believe in the inmense capacity of the human being to create and learn in the beauty of love. ”

George Anastassiou, President

For more than 20 years, we have designed, created and implemented innovative, non-formal learning experiences in the areas of science and technology, art and culture, body and expression and nature. 

We contribute to people´s development by promoting self-generated and third party initiatives that promote transformative experiences and give opportunities to discover and develop talents.

We believe in the enormous potential of people.  We are convinced that they can become the best version of themselves, and be a contribution to society.

We love creating learning experiences! This is how we have integrated art exploration in all of our programs: 

ZIM- We designed ZIM (Mustakis Interactive Zone) so that people have the opportunity to experiment immersive art. Being able to integrate a sensorial, analog and technological experience. ZIM offers the possibility to embrace a practical appreciation of artists, being able to see, touch, taste, listen and feel the art. Currently there are 7 Mustakis interactive zones throughout Chile, located in different museums and cultural spaces, bringing people closer to art. 

Story Telling- We encourage people´s imagination by sharing our storytelling methodology, which includes body and voice expression. In our storytelling program participants create their own handcrafted PUP (stands out for Little Portable Universe) and “Whisperers”, which surrounds all curious people into an art based concept were they can imagine all types of stories.  

Frutillar Circus- We believe that equilibrium is in the essence of the being. Our program is located in Frutillar, recognized as a Creative City by UNESCO in 2017. We deliver the opportunity for children to develop an integral discipline, experience body and arts through our circus program. We articulate the work with the community, which seeks integration and a local cultural identity though the arts.  

KAOS Learning Space- We created an innovative learning space that seeks to motivate young people to discover the exciting world of knowledge and creation through explorations in the field of science, technology, kinesthesia and art. In 2019, we started “Artists in Residence” in collaboration with Sugar Hill Children´s Museum of Storytelling and Art based in NYC, USA. Artists from Chile and USA have exchanged learning residences between both countries, allowing people from each community to engage with the process of creating art and amplify their vision towards art. Every year, almost 10,000 students come to KAOS learning center to experience hands-on learning activities in a specially conceived space that awakens curiosity, imagination and opens up to new areas of interest, in tune with the demands of contemporary society.

Science & Technology- We drive people to imagine and build the future. We do this by creating STEAM programs where teenagers can explore their technological and artistic capabilities combined by developing fully and strengthening collaborative work, perseverance, communication and leadership. In the pursuit of integrating technology and art we have formed the “Lighting art” workshop for teenagers with Chilean artists. And the "Musical Makers" workshop in a joint collaboration with MIT, where teenagers have built their own musical instrument, understanding aesthetics, functionality, science and harmony.  

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We love to collaborate with others! Please contact us so that we can create meaningful learning experiences together.
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Zona Interactiva Mustakis Arte Latinoamericano | Fundación Mustakis
Makers Musicales del Campamento de Invierno 2019 | Fundación Mustakis
KAOS Espacio Creativo de Fundación Mustakis
Circo Frutillar, "Licarayén, Vuelo Sagrado" 2016
¡Puedes Bailar! 2017 | Fundación Mustakis
Visita la ZIM Ritmo y expresión en el CCLM | Fundación Mustakis
Aprende jugando de luces y sombras en la Zona Interactiva Mustakis del CCLM | Fundación Mustakis
ZIM Pinta con Colores | Fundación Mustakis


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