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Ouro - Financial Literacy for Kids

place Israel

Discover the Riches of Financial Literacy Through Fun and Games!

In an unstable financial climate, Zbenko's game redefines financial education for 10-16 year-olds. Empowering financial literacy in students, we merge interactive gameplay with real-life scenarios to foster a strong foundation in money management and decision-making. Experience our unique, engaging game-based approach for a secure financial future.



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April 2023
We envision a world where students from all backgrounds are empowered with essential financial skills, enabling them to make informed decisions, achieve financial independence, and build a secure future.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Financial illiteracy is a prevalent issue among young people, leaving them vulnerable and unprepared for real-world financial responsibilities. Traditional educational methods often lack engagement and relatability, resulting in students struggling to grasp crucial money management concepts, which can negatively impact their long-term financial stability and decision-making abilities.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our innovation combines technology, proprietary curriculum, and interactive gameplay to address the issue of financial illiteracy. The game functions by placing students in realistic financial situations, where they can experiment with budgeting, comparing prices, taking loans, saving money, and more. This hands-on approach allows students to learn from their mistakes without fear of failure and progress at their own pace.
Our comprehensive curriculum features lesson plans and presentations that connect in-game experiences to real-life financial scenarios. These lessons are led by school teachers or dedicated instructors, further solidifying the connection between gameplay and practical financial skills.

Research supports the efficacy of experiential learning, particularly in financial education, as it facilitates behavior change through active experimentation.
Students are demonstrating impressive retention of financial knowledge while actively enjoying the learning process.

How has it been spreading?

Over the last few years, our solution has gained traction and spread compelling testimonials, and positive feedback from schools, municipalities, teachers, and students. With over 30 schools and 5,000 students involved, our game's popularity even extends beyond school hours as students continue to play and learn.

Our goals for the next 2-3 years are to spread our impact worldwide and extend our program to underprivileged schools and students globally. By broadening our reach, we aim to empower more young individuals with essential financial skills, regardless of their background, fostering a more financially secure future for all.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The game works on all devices and is easily installed in any school setting. Additionally, we provide training and support for teachers to ensure a seamless implementation.

If you're interested in trying our solution, contact us ( and we'll be more than happy to provide you with a demonstration. You can also access a small demo version directly from our website.

Spread of the innovation

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