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We use cutting-edge art and design to draw children into a conversation about important topics that will impact their future.


By using a largely visual approach to address complex problems, we are able to powerfully demonstrate Creativity in Action. We address vital topics such as Digital literacy, Over-Consumption, Climate Action and Mental Health. Through a collection of thought-provoking illustrations that grab attention and can be deconstructed using a See, Think, Wonder' approach.

Creativity with a Conscience

“Creativity is a powerful tool to solve the world's problems. ”

Tanya Wilson, Founder

What we do?

We are advertising & design veterans supported by a global community of over 1,500 professional graphic designers, illustrators and artists. We believe children should be exposed to cutting-edge creativity from a young age and onwards.

Why we do it?

As the world gets more and more complicated and problems such as internet addiction, depression, climate crisis become urgent, we believe creativity is a powerful tool that can solve any challenge. We want to create a generation of change makers equipped with the skills to solve the world's biggest problems. We do this using the tools and tricks of advertising, one of the most powerful ways to change behaviour.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
10 000
Tips for implementation
'A lesson in an image' - we support educators with a toolkit that highlights talking points behind each illustration and a 'See, Think, Wonder' framework to generate dynamic conversation in the classroom. We have an interactive digital version of the printed books, worksheets and animations.

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