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Educating the Solutionary Generation!

Giving students the skills to solve real-world problems and become the next caretakers of our planet

At this point in history, knowing how to solve problems in ways that create systems-based change is fundamental to our survival. The Solutionary Framework provides teachers with the tools they need to guide students to think systemically, act compassionately, and address global challenges at a local level. The framework provides students with agency, optimism, and skills to build a better future.



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April 2024
By providing a framework for students to solve real-world problems we hope to see agency, optimism, and higher-level learning for students and an elevated mission and purpose for schools. Most importantly, we hope to prepare a generation of solutionaries who, regardless of their professions, will continue to work to make our world a better place for all people, animals, and the environment.

About the innovation

Let's Educate a Solutionary Generation

What we do?

The Institute for Humane Education offers online graduate programs through an affiliation with Antioch University; a Center for Solutionary Change that serves as a hub for learning, professional development, and sharing; and high impact speaking and outreach.

Why we do it?

We believe that a just, humane, and sustainable world is possible, and that we must educate people to create a world in which all humans, animals, and nature may thrive. Educating a solutionary generation is a win for kids, a win for teachers and schools, and a win for the world.

Here's what teachers and students have to say about Solutionary Learning:

"Solutionary learning is one of the ultimate student-centered approach to education. In fact, it is one of the most powerful teaching strategies I have observed." ~ Bill Nave, former Maine Teacher of the Year

"The Solutionary Guidebook is truly OUT OF THIS WORLD" ~ Julia Fliss, 6th grade teacher

"We need this in our school." ~ Sixth grade student participating in our solutionary program

"We're learning way more from this project than we've ever learned from our regular science projects." ~ Sixth grade student participating in our solutionary program.

Implementation steps

Teach the Solutionary Framework
As explained on this page of our website, the beauty of the Solutionary Framework is that it can be implemented in different ways based on subject, grade level, and school context. Some teachers integrate the framework into their established curriculum. Others use it to develop a two-week interdisciplinary capstone experience. Still others use it to deepen a community service requirement or to form an after-school club.
Solutionary Guidebook
The Solutionary Guidebook with step-by-step directions for implementation can be downloaded for free here:
Solutionary Micro-credential Program
Teachers who want training and support in implementing the Solutionary Framework can enroll in our online professional learning here:
The program will coach them in how to engage students in critical thinking, systems thinking and ethical analysis. It will guide them to help students understand the interconnectedness of human rights, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. And it will support the design of lessons to teach.

Spread of the innovation

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