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Citizenship Education for All

Composer is the first digital platform to offer a comprehensive collection of resources for activating a deeper sense of civic responsibility in students.

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July 2020
I highly recommend Composer to educators and educational leaders who are seeking high quality resources and lesson plans to help them develop truly impactful Global Citizenship programs.

About the innovation

A Global Marketplace for Citizenship Education

Composer is the first digital platform to offer a comprehensive collection of resources for activating a deeper sense of civic responsibility in students.

As a one-stop marketplace, Composer ( enables educators to access a whole ecosystem of content providers in one place. They can search and find resources that span civics, social justice, social and emotional learning, and global competence. Launched to the public in April 2020, Composer features over 1,000 high-quality learning experiences from over 35 organizations. It also provides research-based tools and guidance to support educators with curriculum planning and tailoring the world’s best curriculum to their own context. For example, schools can search for “racism” and find and adapt resources designed by providers or used by schools related to that theme.

Now more than ever, we must prepare young people to be engaged citizens in a more functional and just society, inspired to address the world’s most pressing problems. Composer believes that the knowledge, mindsets, and skills that enable effective citizenship can and should be taught as systematically as we teach math and literacy. Currently in North America and Australia, Composer serves educators working with grades 6-12 (majority public) and in non-traditional learning environments (such as after school program, summer camp, and/or home school). So far, we have over 2,200 users with an NPS of 55 and positive feedback from users.

Composer was founded in 2019 by High Resolves as a collaborative initiative with four other market leaders in civics and citizenship education: Facing History and Ourselves, iCivics, Generation Citizen, and Peace First, and with generous support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and Imaginable Futures of the Omidyar Network. Though a non-for-profit entity and free to individual educators, we offer premium features and services to both our content providers as well as networks of schools and educators that leverage our expertise in product development, curriculum design and learning science, and extensive knowledge of the citizenship education landscape.

In 2020, Composer was featured in Forbes, EdSurge, and K-12 EdDive. In 2021, Composer was a finalist for EdTech Digest's EdTech Awards in the category of 21st Century Skills, and one of five finalists at the SXSW EDU Launch Competition. To learn more, please reach out to

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability

Composer is a digital platform that offers free resources on citizenship education for teachers and students. Topics such as social justice, social and emotional learning, global citizenship and social responsibility can be addressed through this platform. Composer is easy to access and easy to implement in the classroom!

HundrED Academy Reviews

The scalability is an advantage of Composer - teachers can add their own lesson plans elaborated from scratch or using one of the existing lessons as a part of a new string.

The fact that it provides a plethora resources on socio-emotional wellbeing, global citizenship and civics and provides room for content sourcing, curation and curriculum alignment make it very adaptable and useful for educators.

- Academy member
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