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Goofi World

inspire creativity and empathy

According to a World Bank study, 70% of the world's primary level children will enter into jobs that doesn't exist today. Goofi is a children media franchise with a mission to develop creativity, problem-solving, emotional intelligence and moral values. Goofi creates learning products, contents, books and through use of mass media, prepare children for future world with the right skills.



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Target group
Students early
June 2024
I want to see children are growing up as creative, responsible and empathic adults so that they can help build a better world that our generation has already ruined.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our traditional schooling system is failing our early-grade learners - both academically and in acquiring important life skills. 30% of the students can't read Bangla (mother tongue), 66% can't do basic math when they complete primary level. The teacher skill is so poor that one can't rely on them to give a good foundation for life for our children.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

With Goofi, we are building the 'Disney for Education' keeping our beloved characters, and storytelling at the center. We started with book publishing on topics and themes like creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and values based on the Future Skill Curriculum we developed. Then we started to bring those contents in the form of audio-visuals, muppets, learning toys and finally TV show. In the capital Dhaka, 30% children already knows our characters. They visit schools, organize sessions with children and give them important life lessons. We are now partnering up with other brands like Grameen-Danone to talk about nutrition with children. We partnered with UNHCR to work on empathy and peace by focusing on Rohingya refugee. Just like Disney is bringing entertainment to kids through powerful storytelling and likeable characters, we are doing using the same methods to prepare children for the future with the 21st century skills.

How has it been spreading?

We have reached a total of 3 Million children till date through all medium. We are directly impacting over 100,000 children through our books and contents. Our goal is to reach 10 Million children in next 3 years.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We have published our contents in Bengali and English. And translating to other languages too. Some of our e-books are quite popular and being used in 30 countries around the world. From the beginning, we have developed our characters and storytelling with a global focus. So, it should be fairly easy to use in other country. Contact: Waliullah Bhuiyan,

Implementation steps

Contextualize to your country or community
It's quite difficult to build what we have building, so the best strategy would be to collaborate with us. At the core, we are a content company. And most of the contents can be used globally once they are translated into the language. Any education leader who wants to implement our innovation to their setting, needs to simply translate and contextualize for their community. And then can use in any school, any school district or even in a country.

Spread of the innovation

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