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Financial literacy and life skills mobile toolkit

Making financial education training, affordable, scalable and easy-to-access for everyone.

We make it easy and fun to learn financial education on any platform through bespoke, engaging and fun training. Our solution brings quality content to the devices and platforms that teachers are already using. The course brings together videos, illustrations and text designed with Aflateen’s well-researched Active Teaching Learning Methodologies that makes learning engaging, fun and practical.



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Target group
February 2021
To truly make an impact with technology and reach the majority, think low cost of development and accessibility but high scale up value.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Aflatoun is a global leader in financial education and life skills training, delivering training in over 100 countries globally. For 15 years, Aflatoun has taught this training based off of experiential learning and active teaching and learning methodology.
Even before COVID-19, Aflatoun was committed to using technology lower the cost and barriers allowing people benefit from financial education.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The solution can be deployed through a facilitator on any social learning platform or automated through any learning environment for self-directed learning.
For the test case, we chose the former and proceeded to implement it among a selected group. The teachers received a series of training online on how to implement the solution taking into account the live sessions, creating engagement, sharing input and providing feedback and even the type of device needed including making provisions for internet. During the training, the teachers selected different topics from the solution to design a storyboard as well as an implementation guideline and presented it for discussions and feedback. The teachers through this training gained the knowledge and skills to deploy the solution and managed the whole learning experience and potential challenges that arose. Additionally, the teachers received training on using Facebook as the main platform to deliver the training due to its high adoption.

How has it been spreading?

Initial deployment of the solution has been through partner organizations who have tested it for three months in twelve locations in Philippines among two organizations, Children International and National Confederation of Cooperatives with close to 100 teachers and trainers and 200 students.
After the first successful rollout of the solution, the beneficiary organizations register other sister organizations and deliver the training using the same module received and replicate it in the country. The same approach is happening in selected countries and with time be available globally. All the training and implementation are happening without face-to-face interaction but the result has been proved to be equally effective as its face-to-face counterpart if not better.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please reach out to the Digital Learning and Innovation Team Lead at Aflatoun International via the email : Equally you can reach out to any of the Aflatoun International Programe Managers:;;;; and

Spread of the innovation

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