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Wellbeing in Schools

Spotlight 2024

How are schools implementing effective wellbeing innovations? Through this Spotlight on Wellbeing, HundrED will identify impactful and scalable innovations in the area of student wellbeing in schools.

In partnership with the International Baccalaureate IB, Oxford University, Research Schools International, Harvard University and the Jacobs Foundation.

The submission period begins in February 2024.

The challenge

Research has shown that wellbeing is declining for young people globally, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the need to focus on improving student wellbeing in schools. Although wellbeing initiatives are commonplace in schools, not all of these initiatives are grounded in scientific evidence.

The solution

Schools need to be provided with resources and research to support the advancement of students' and school staff's wellbeing. By conducting a spotlight to identify 10-20 impactful and scalable educational innovations that promote wellbeing in schools, HundrED is participating in an extensive initiative launched by the IB in collaboration with its funders and partners.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is defined as students’ subjective experience of being satisfied with their school lives, having positive experiences at school, having positive feelings about school, and believing that what they do at school gives them some purpose and meaning. 

The broader spotlight framework

The Wellbeing in Schools project will explore, study and measure student wellbeing in schools around the world to systematically learn and innovate together with both IB and non-IB schools over a three-year period. HundrED’s partners in this project are:

Funded by Jacobs Foundation, the project aims to turn the rhetoric of student wellbeing into an evidence-based reality, clearly embedded into systemic change through learning and innovation structures in education to support a healthy and flourishing learning environment for all students. 

For more information visit the IB’s website Wellbeing in Schools and watch their online project launch Wellbeing Webinar from June 7th 2023. 

Important dates

Keep up-to-date on this project and its key dates

Submissions period - February to May 2024

Advisory Board review and selections - July to August 2024