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A turn key, data centric, evidence-backed tool to empower youth emotional and mental health.

Mental health is a huge issue in education, with demand for mental health help far exceeding ability to supply. Switch4Schools is a turn-key digital solution. A powerful emotional and social learning platform that builds emotional health, student wellbeing, and self-regulatory behaviours in a way that integrates with most classrooms way-of-working and leverages existing school resources.


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Target group
September 2023
Higher academic scores, less behavioural incidents and antisocial behaviour (ie. bullying), greater personal satisfaction and wellbeing of teachers and students, and more connected and emotionally stable communities.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Individual emotional dysfunction is at the root of most social, political, relational, economic, social, and mental health challenges. Wellbeing initiatives are often expensive, complicated, reliant on professionals, and ill-suited to the immediate problems to be solved. Switch addresses all these concerns, turning emotions into superpowers and providing the antidote to mental health challenges.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Students do check-ins (usually habit stacked onto roll call, entering the classroom or the start of a particular subject) that track tiredness, emotion, emotional intensity and whether they want to talk to their teacher. This data is only shared with their immediate teacher and/or anyone in their trusted circle of adult helpers (this could include social workers, teacher-aides, Chaplins, Guidance officers etc...) to give teachers an 'emotional weather map' of their classroom in realtime, and create longitudinal data and insights. We have then built our own AI (predictive algorithms) that nudge students and teachers to psychologically proven 'things-to-do' that will likely work for the individual or class based on data and app behaviour. Intuitive design also allows for simple self discovery and action based learning. Teachers can access hundreds of lesson plans, videos and extra resources (including posters, e-books and hard copy activity sheets) in a way that is simple and intuitive.

How has it been spreading?

Predominantly word of mouth, school presentations and web searches. We also sponsor principals networks and education conferences, where they will often have the founders either MC the conference or present keynote addresses on emotional health and psychological practice in the classroom.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Go to https://www.switch4schools.com.au/learnmore to look around, and sign up for a free trial.

Implementation steps

Set-up class
Either send Switch4Schools a class list, or use the easy-to-use administration portal to set up your school and/or classes.
Habit-stack student checkins
Stack the habit of doing regular checkins on top of and existing classroom habit, such as roll call or entering the room. after a few days the student will slip into a rhythm and self-organise.
Review daily data and explore the so-what
Check the emotional weather map of your class, follow the nudges the app will give you (or your students), or explore the tips, mental tricks (switches) and teacher resources, all organised so they are easy to find, and specific to the issue needing to be addressed.

Spread of the innovation

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