How Do We Fight the Elimination of Visual Arts From K12 Education? Spotlight Launch on Twitter!


In the growing globalised world, the economy of the cultural industries is growing in importance, and visual expression is becoming part of everyday communication. However, in schools and classrooms, Visual Arts Education still doesn't hold priority. 

We believe visual arts education helps to effectively develop self-expression, confidence, and the creative thinking skills needed for 21st-century life and work. Together with Supercell, we are launching a HundrED Spotlight on Visual Arts Education with an aim to highlight the latest best practices and solutions for promoting the valuable benefits of quality art education at a school level. The project will identify effective models for promoting the importance of Art education as a viable and valuable subject to focus on. This is to show the diversity of approaches promoting these skills and abilities within and outside formal school education in a variety of social, economic, and cultural contexts. 

To launch this amazing new initiative, we would like to invite you to voice your opinions. 

Why is Visual Arts being deprioritised?

How do we fight its elimination from K12 education? 

Who are succeeding in bringing Art Education into their classrooms with success?

Where and when is the Twitter Chat?

The #HundrEDChat will be hosted by our Research & Community team on the HundrED Twitter Channel. We invite everyone to actively participate and share their voice in this global discussion! 

Join the conversation on Tuesday, March 3, 2020, from 1300 to 1400 EET (Helsinki Time).

Looking for talking with you and sharing more about our upcoming Spotlight there!

Pukhraj Ranjan