Spotlight 2020

Visual Arts in Education

With the recent emphasis on STEM education worldwide to prepare students for the modern workforce, the value and importance of art education in schools is often sidelined. However, there are many benefits to developing skills in visual arts: For example, to effectively develop self-expression, confidence, and the creative thinking skills needed for 21st century life and work.
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What is Spotlight on Visual Arts in Education?

This Spotlight partners with Supercell with the goal of highlighting 10 or more of the brightest innovations that focus on Visual Art education. It specifically aims to identify a diversity of effective models for promoting the importance of visual art education as a viable and valuable skill – regardless if they are targeting arts-based classes (e.g. design, photography, painting) or for other contexts. This is to highlight the diversity of approaches promoting these skills and abilities within and outside formal school education in a variety of social, economic, and cultural contexts. 

All submitted applications undergo a thorough research process and screening by an expert advisory board. The selected applications adhere to a strict selection criteria of being impactful and scalable. The deep insights gained through the Spotlight are shared with the world in the form of videos and a report. 

Submission Call Deadline: Friday, 15th May 2020 1700 UTC



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